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What am I learning for?

  • What am I learning for? – A frequently asked question amongst students. Which is the reason why GROB offers various options for students to acquaint themselves at an early stage with various professions in the hope that they will come into contact with their dream job for the first time.

    In a first internship at GROB, students have the opportunity to gather information about the professions of an industrial electrician, industrial mechanic and product designer within the framework of a brief internship ("taster internship").

    By means of the most various cooperations and partnerships with schools, GROB enables young people to personally gather information at an early stage about the company, its employees and products, as well as about potential professions.

    At the parent company in Mindelheim we regularly employ vacation workers during the school holidays. We offer students  interesting opportunities to gain experience in various areas of the company.

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