Machining center G800 - for a diverse mix!

  • The G800 is a new machine concept, developed by GROB to offer customers in the universal and system machine business the ideal pallet size for accommodating large components.

    A pallet size of 800 x 800 mm2 is perfectly suitable for machining engine components for trucks, commercial and construction vehicles and tractors. In the universal machining Center business too, the G800 offers the perfect machine concept for mechanical engineering industry, the aerospace industry, mold industry and energy Technology.

    With its 4-axis modular system – also optionally available with 5 or 6 axes – the machine can be optimally configured to the customer’s requirements.



    • Exceptionally large work area
      Machining of large workpieces up to a radius of action diameter of 1,600 mm and a height of 1,500 mm

    • Excellent chip fall (also suitable for dry machining)
      Perfect chip transport through steep machine bed slants in the work area

    • Very good chip-to-chip-time
      Time-optimized tool changer arm for tool weights of up to 60 kg (see technical data)

    • Maximum stiffness
      Extremely wide guide distances guarantee outstanding machine stiffness

    • Tool length of up to 850 mm
      Oversize tools of up to 850 mm can already be used in the standard version

    Technical data 4-axis version

    Working travels 
    in X/Y/Z [mm]
    Speeds (max.)
    in X/Y/Z [m / min]
    Chip-to-chip timet1
    acc. to VDI 2852 (min) [s]

    Technical data 5-axis version

    Working travels 
    in X/Y/Z/W [mm]
    Speeds (max.)
    in X/Y/Z/W [m / min]
    Chip-to-chip timet1
    acc. to VDI 2852 (min) [s]
  • G800 front view
    G800 front view
    G800 side view
    G800 side view
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