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Open positions

Where can I find current openings?

All current open positions at GROB can be found under our open positions page. If you wish to apply for one of the positions, please email your resume to employement@grobsystems.com with the position title in the subject of your email.

How do I know if an advertised position is still available?

All of the positions on our open positions page are still available. As soon as a position is filled, it is removed from our list.

Can I apply for several positions at once?

Yes. If you are interested in a number of positions, you can apply for all of them at the same time. Just state the positions that interest you in an email to us with your resume attached.

Does GROB offer internships or co-ops abroad?

It is possible to complete an internship or co-op abroad. If you are interested, please contact the production plant & branch that you are interested in completing an internship or co-op at directly.


How do I apply for an open position?

If you are interested in applying for a job opening, please email a resume to employment@grobsystems.com with the position title in the subject of the email. 

What documents should I attach to my email?

Please provide at a minimum your resume including current contact information. Other documents you may choose to include would be a university transcript (if you've recently or will soon graduate) and any relevant certifications.

When should I receive feedback on my resume submission?

Smooth and timely communication with you is of the highest importance to us. You will receive feedback from our Human Resources Management Team within two weeks.

How do I apply for open positions at one of GROB's other international sites?

All GROB plants post open positions on a regular basis. Please send your resume by email to the contact information provided in the job description.

I haven't been contacted regarding my application. Can I find out why?

Due to the high number of applications we receive, we are unable to give personal feedback on each application. Thank you for your understanding!

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