What about after graduating from school?

  • You've made it - with your school graduation certificate in your pocket. Or perhaps you still have another year to go to school, but want to get an interesting apprenticeship and have already started to ask yourself what you want to do and how the first steps into your career should be approached. A question that not only you are thinking about – and one for which we at GROB have an answer.

    GROB has a long worldwide tradition in the training of young people, and its history is as old as the company itself. The GROB Group is not only the largest employer in the region, but also the biggest training company in the area.

    In Mindelheim alone, more than 1,500 young people have been trained since the foundation of the company, many of which are still with us to this day. They have all made use of the opportunity of long-term prospects in the company and appreciate the reliability for their future plans, including the chance for in-house advanced qualifications.

    We offer training options and apprenticeships for almost any wishes oriented to the requirements of a traditional machine tool manufacturer.

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