Training with strategy

  • The apprentices are perfectly prepared for their later job in the company thanks to the abundance of in-house competence.

    Training with GROB consists not only of the communication of selective, job-specific knowledge. Training with GROB is much more. Right from the very beginning, the apprentices are made familiar with the significance of so-called soft skills. Because to GROB, top qualification not only includes the capability of the best possible fulfilment of tasks within the own field of responsibility, but also the understanding of the own position and the insight into the activities of the other parties involved in this overall process.

    Therefore, attention is paid during training, that there is a GROB generalist in every GROB specialist. From experience we know that the ability to take a broader view makes tasks easier and contributes to motivation. 

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    Apprentice Mechanical/Electrician Bluffton/Ohio/USA
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