The Grob family

  • GROB-WERKE is a globally operating family company, firmly anchored in its family culture for generations. A culture of globally oriented corporate management, which has developed into an important component in securing the future of the company. A culture, which with its person-oriented approach leads to mutual loyalty and a high degree of identification of the employees and customers with the company, thus guaranteeing a decisive competitive advantage. 

    Since its foundation in 1926 by Ernst Grob, GROB-WERKE has stood for values and sustainability towards customers and employees. Thinking with long-term orientation and not with capital market relevant, short-term success in mind is the core of the corporate philosophy, which creates trust, particularly in times of crises, and which has decisively influenced its more than 90-year success story. A success story measurable over generations. 

  • Christian Grob, Margret Grob, Florian Grob (from right to left)
    Christian Grob, Margret Grob, Florian Grob (from right to left)
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