The guiding principles - of the corporate policy

  • As a future-oriented and family-owned company we focus very much on the issues of sustainability management (CSR), compliance, information security, occupational and environmental safety (incl. energy consumption and CO2 reduction, water management etc.), quality, procurement and compliance with the corresponding code of conduct.


    • We present ourselves in a fair and open manner towards our customers, partners and competitors. As well as trust, respect and appreciation, integrity, inspiration and reliability.



    • We respect and uphold human rights at all times, We comply with the laws and agreements on the freedom of association and collective negotiations. We entirely reject child and forced labor.  We entirely reject discrimination.



    • The consistent development of each and every individual employee is a high priority for the company. We have our employees help shape our daily procedures through premium-based ideas management and other schemes. In our technical developments, we also give due consideration to the reciprocal effects on humans & the environment at all times.



    • For us, compliance means ensuring that laws, directives, regulations, requirements and internal rules are observed and represents the sum total of the measures required to guarantee lawful conduct within the company. We entirely reject unfair measures for unduly influencing third parties.



    • We offer our customers optimized-quality and highly-reliable products. In the constant search for excellence, we recognize market requirements in advance and are therefore able to develop innovative solutions.



    • As a responsible employer, GROB feels committed to protecting the life and health of its employees, providing the best possible protection from third parties and minimizing all risks. We aim to provide our employees with the workplaces and working conditions that are best suited to achieving success.



    • Continuously improve of our energy-related performance (to reduce energy consumption and CO2), conservation of resources and the use of ecological materials and technologies are important elements of our daily behavior. Waste avoidance in preference to waste disposal – the responsible, economical and prudent handling of sparce ressources as water is very important to us
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