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After some thirty months of planning, organization and assembly, the new GROB cylinder head machining line for HGV engine platforms finally started production at the Daimler production plant in Mannheim.

This is the second cylinder head machining line that GROB has supplied and commissioned at the Mannheim plant. Another system has been installed in Detroit, USA. The system at the Mannheim plant is composed of 27 type G700/G720 G-modules – partially modified for special applications – five special machines and two transfer lines. What makes this project special is that, in addition to supplying the machining equipment, GROB also did the assembly work e.g. assembly of the valve seats, valve seat guides and locking parts. Yet again, GROB has demonstrated its skills as a supplier of turnkey projects – with the ability to offer customers a complete package, reducing interfaces to a minimum. 
Another interesting feature of the project was the fact that GROB worked with the customer throughout the tendering phase, analyzing the existing systems and including improvements to the new line in terms of any new technology available. The new simultaneous tool change system is one notable optimization, for example. This particular improvement went on to be included in the development of our Generation 6 G-module. 

GROB representatives celebrated the start of production with employees from Technical Design, Project Planning, Production, Maintenance and Quality Management. Thanks to the skills, cooperation and performance of everyone involved, the project was a resounding success. It was completed in a record time of 24 months between order and start of production – in spite of tight deadlines and the requirement for everything – such as removals and construction work – to be done as the machines were being installed. 

 “The amazing team spirit of everyone involved is what made this project such a success”, enthused GROB Assembly Director Johann Müller at the inauguration ceremony marking the presentation of the first cylinder head. “I would like to say a special thank you to Daimler for the trust they placed in us”, said Müller at the get-together in Mannheim afterwards.