Starting EMO with a successful Press Conference

With over twenty media representatives and virtually the entire international trade show in attendance, GROB-WERKE entered EMO 2013, the world’s leading trade fair for the metalworking industry. The fair takes place from the 16th to the 21st of September 2013 in Hanover, Germany.   

Hanover. As it did two years ago, GROB-WERKE started the first day of its appearance at EMO with a successful press conference. In the presence of more than 20 representatives of the media, the company’s chief representative, Christian Grob as well as members of the Management Board described current developments of the GROB Group and introduced innovations on display at the fair. “Today we can proudly report that all forecasts made at the 2011 EMO have been realized and implemented,” Christian Grob stated at the start of his address. “During this time the GROB Group has undergone tremendous growth in which all parameters have meshed like a precision clockwork.” This is a development “... which continues to be supported and inspired by the GROB Family, and we shall continue to take advantage of the benefits of a family-run company in order to maintain our market position and in particular, assert our competitiveness.”

German Wankmiller, Chairman of the Management Board, then discussed the substantial investment activities of recent years. He went on to describe GROB innovations, such as the continued development of the single and dual-spindle G-modules, the production-ready chip-in-spindle detection, and completely new development of the highly dynamic linear portal, and, of course, the new GROB development in the universal machine segment, the G750. At the end of his presentation, he outlined the future strategy of the company which will include “continued investment in high-efficiency production equipment and processes in all GROB plants, the introduction of additional sizes of universal machines, and the development of highly dynamic and efficient manufacturing systems for the automotive industry and its suppliers.”

Likewise, Wolfram Weber, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, and responsible for GROB Group finances, was able to present glowing results to the media. “An investment program of 150 million euros has resulted in a doubling of GROB performance to more than 900 million euros in the past two years. A look at the current order level of about 1.1 billion euros indicates an even better result for the current fiscal year.”

Jochen Nahl, GROB Sales and Marketing Director, in his address referred to the substantial efforts the GROB Group put forth in the most important global markets in order to implement greatly increased production volumes in those markets in the shortest amount of time. “In order to support existing and new markets the best way in the future, we have established three new sales and service offices in the past two years alone,” Nahl stated. “This was done in the Eastern Europe markets: a branch office was founded in Hungary and a Moscow office in the dynamic Russian market; there’s a branch office in Hyderabad in India, a relatively new market for us with great potential.”

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