GROB Interview: We are on Course – good Response for GROB Innovations

At the mid-point of the EMO, German Wankmiller, chairman of the Management Board and Jochen Nahl, Sales and Marketing Director are quite satisfied with their experience at the trade fair, and are especially pleased with the excellent customer response to GROB innovations.

The trade show is half over, how did the first few days go for GROB?
German Wankmiller:
Almost all our important automotive customers stopped by in the first couple of days. What struck us was the strong interest in our universal machines.
Jochen Nahl: We came to the EMO with great expectations and are quite pleased with developments. The first day the turnout was somewhat subdued, but still better than at the 2011 EMO. On subsequent days we could welcome our most important customers to our stand as well as numerous other interested visitors.

GROB has always introduced technological milestones at the EMO. What are GROB’s highlights this year?
Our new large G750T universal machine with and without pallet changer, and a linear gantry with a new loading mechanism for the productions systems business.
JN: At this trade show we are showcasing the combination of different loading systems and machine tools on the highest technical level; these innovations demonstrate our advantages in total process conception. Our G750T in its full technical version represents novel innovation. On the whole we are demonstrating our comprehensive approach to the universal machine business, from machine size to spindles through control variants, as well as a new detection system for recognizing tiny contaminants in the tool-spindle interface.

In recent years GROB has made significant progress. What can we expect from your company in coming years?
We shall certainly expand our universal machine series and develop an even larger machine above the G750. In addition, we’ll make our G-modules for systems business more dynamic and compact.
JN: We will complete our ongoing growth strategy and advance our market leadership through additional efficiency measures and technological advances.

What’s so fascinating about the EMO?
The EMO is characterized by the variety of vendors from all countries – especially from Asia. Also important is the great interest shown by the visitors, especially from the automotive industry.
JN: In the shortest amount of time you can get together with a number of customers and show them your new products. It’s also interesting to compare with competitors and have the opportunity to get impressions, new ideas and trends for future products and developments.

Comparing EMO 2011 and 2013, what is the greatest difference for GROB?
This year we have a more intensive presence with a larger stand. In this way we can demonstrate our position and role in the market even at the trade fair. And here’s the nice part: we get a lot of recognition and respect.
JN: Compared to the 2011 EMO, it’s clear that we have gotten stronger and have progressed further than the competition, which shows us that we’re on the right track.

What is your impression of the innovations here at the trade fair – in comparison to GROB?
Actually there aren’t many new products, just innovation in the details. In addition, we have determined that the number of visitors has not increased compared to the last EMO.
JN: We are also on the right path and regarding technology, we’re a step ahead of our competitors. Our long-term strategy of high level of vertical integration is shown in obvious differences in quality.

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