New Linear Portal from GROB with new Drive Technology

One of GROB’s numerous innovations at EMO 2013 is a completely new linear portal with novel drive technology and new hydraulics-free G-modules.  

Mindelheim/Hanover. The GROB corporation in Mindelheim is known worldwide for its technologies and systems for powertrain production in the automotive industry. Its machining centers and special machines are benchmarks for this market. Depending upon the customer’s requirements, GROB performs the machining of typical fabricated parts such as cylinder heads, engine blocks or transmission housings on single or dual-spindle G-modules – with high precision, dynamics, compactness and reliability. Machining is performed with cooling lubricant emulsion as well as with MMS and dry machining technology. Tool changing mechanisms and magazines designed for the G-modules allow a wide range of work processes to be integrated into the individual work stations while reducing the proportion of non-productive auxiliary process time required by tool changes.

To best display GROB’s core competence in large-scale production, GROB-Werke is presenting a processing center with four G-modules linked by a linear portal with inlet and outlet belts at each end. This representation can be seen at the GROB exhibit in Hall 12 / stand 18. Available for viewing are a dual-spindle G325A with feed changer, a single-spindle G315AB with swing changer and two G350 universal machines with pallet changer. The linear portal is a completely new product with extremely high dynamics. A linear motor moves both carriages with 7.5 m/s2 at a fast-motion speed of 450 m/min. The two independent carriages allow a single portal to operate both parallel and serial processes simultaneously. In this way single- as well as dual-spindle G-modules can be loaded. All G-modules are uncoupled from the running time of the loading gantry. This is another indication of the high technological competence of GROB engineers.

In addition to common loading procedures using a feed changer or swing changer, the exhibit also demonstrates loading at a setup station using a machine with a pallet changer. A completely new feature includes clamping the workpiece adapter on exchangeable pallets using an electromechanically-driven GROB zero-point clamping system. It should also be noted that all machines and components demonstrated in this GROB processing center are hydraulics-free. The linear portal grippers are likewise electromechanical. The processing center presented at the EMO illustrates GROB’s broad range of technology for the application of systems engineering in the automotive industry. 

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