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Monday, 18.09.2017

EMO trade fair kicks off with spectacular first day

EMO trade fair kicks off with spectacular first day The morning included a visit from German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the early afternoon was marked by a terrific response to the GROB Press Conference, and the late afternoon saw a large delegation of Chinese journalists flock to our trade fair stand. With GROB the subject of global attention from the public and the media alike, the first day of the trade fair could not have gone any better.... read more

Zum Eröffnungsvideo der EMO Hannover 2017

Tuesday, 19.09.2017

Visitors flock to the GROB stand

The GROB stand attracts large visitor numbers. Much interest has been generated by the new system and universal machines developed by GROB, by the further development of the GROB-NET4Industry production software, and by its enhanced service concept, as well as by the fact that GROB has added "Electromobility" to its portfolio and is already marketing initial innovations in that area ... read more 

Wednesday, 20.09.2017

New GROB services prove popular among customers

Both the new GROB-Financial-Services, which is a cooperation between GROB and akf Bank, as well as the new GROB4Care online shop sparked a great deal of interest among visitors to the GROB stand at EMO 2017. This achievement demonstrates that GROB is not only very successful in its system and universal machine business, its customers are also impressed with its services. ....read more.

Thursday, 21.09.2017

International visitors and customers at the GROB stand

EMO's standing as a leading international trade fair for tool and mechanical engineering is also reflected in the large numbers visiting the GROB stand from Europe, America and Asia. We asked our branch and factory managers from GROB about their opinions and about the feedback they were getting from customers.... read more

Friday, 22.09.2017

In the wake of a successful trade fair, we chatted to Mr. German Wankmiller, chairman of the management board at GROB, about how the event went and about the resulting prospects for GROB-Werke..... read more...

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