International visitors and customers at the GROB stand

4. Day of exhibition

EMO's standing as a leading international trade fair for tool and mechanical engineering is also reflected in the large numbers visiting the GROB stand from Europe, America and Asia. We asked our branch and factory managers from GROB about their opinions and about the feedback they were getting from customers.

Jörg Wagner, GROB Mexico. Apart from seeing some representatives from the aerospace and aeronautical engineering sectors, I was particularly delighted about the visit from a delegation from BOCAR. BOCAR is GROB's largest customer in the world for universal machines. Therefore, they were chiefly interested in the new 5-axis technologies for universal machines. Other innovative ideas for them were the "processing of frame structure components" and our machines from the F-series. They were also completely surprised by the wealth of electromobility technologies available at GROB as e-mobility is still as good as non-existent in Mexico. 

Christian Müller, GROB America. My customers from North and South America were very impressed by the GROB stand as they are not used to stands on the scale that GROB had at the EMO. The GROB stand in the USA has never been more than 500 m². Furthermore, they were very impressed by the new GROB technologies, such as the user-friendliness of our machines and the new GROB4Pilot control panel and joystick. They were particularly taken by the integrated manufacturing concept, consisting of a rotary magazine and a tool magazine. They also made suggestions and expressed wishes, such as asking whether GROB offered a separate linear pallet storage system.

Louis Hill, GROB United Kingdom. Among others, I received a visit from a delegation from HONDA and representatives from R.L.C., an aerospace supplier for Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney. They had already heard about our new operating control panel and joystick. However, they were even more impressed when they got to see it working for the first time.

Antonio Goia, GROB -Italy. I dealt with customers from both the system and the universal machines business sectors. Among others, representatives from Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and from Ferrari visited the GROB trade fair stand. The FCA delegates were especially impressed by the compact dimensions of our system machines. Ferrari have been prompted to revise some of their opinions, not least of all due to their visit to the EMO. They had been of the opinion up to now that 5-axis machines are too imprecise because of the number of axes. However, these misgivings have now given way to the belief that 5-axis technology is the better alternative.

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