Visitors flock to the GROB stand

2. Day of exhibition

The GROB stand attracts large visitor numbers. Much interest has been generated by the new system and universal machines developed by GROB, by the further development of the GROB-NET4Industry production software, and by its enhanced service concept, as well as by the fact that GROB has added "Electromobility" to its portfolio and is already marketing initial innovations in that area. 

GROB-WERKE is to unveil three new generations of machines on its space of around 1700 m². The next stage in the development of the G-module range with and without a pallet changer, the new GROB rotary pallet magazine for the G350 and G550 – Generation 2 are the innovations in the universal machines range. A new gantry concept in system machines, a machine concept for the processing of chassis and frame structural components, the new ground-breaking operating concept and the further development of the GROB-NET4Industry production software are further highlights. The new "GROB-SMART-FINANZ" financial service and the innovative GROB4Care online shop, which went online for the first time yesterday, heralding the dawn of a new age in the spare parts business, also attracted much attention. Visitors were rather surprised to learn that GROB's new "Electromobility" division is already in a position to take on orders for larger projects on the complete powertrain for hybrid or fully electric drives, acting as a general contractor. And more especially, that GROB is already offering machines and systems for the electric powertrain and is also in a position to produce them reliably for series production purposes.



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