New GROB services prove popular among customers

3. Day of exhibition

Both the new GROB-Financial-Services, which is a cooperation between GROB and akf Bank, as well as the new GROB4Care online shop sparked a great deal of interest among visitors to the GROB stand at EMO 2017. This achievement demonstrates that GROB is not only very successful in its system and universal machine business, its customers are also impressed with its services.

The GROB-SMART-FINANCE concept from GROB-Financial-Services, which has been unveiled to the public for the first time, attracted much attention from visitors to the event and from GROB-WERKE customers. In the first two days alone, almost one hundred flyers were handed out to interested visitors to the stand. It has given many customers a new option for financing their machines, widening their scope for obtaining finance. "Our finance concept has attracted a lot of attention from our customers," explained Ulrich Radmacher, Head of Controlling at GROB, summing up the success of the opening two days of the trade fair with satisfaction. "The positive response shows us that we are on the right track." GROB-Financial-Services offers GROB customers bespoke financing concepts from leasing and hire-purchase to investment finance and financial support from the KfW development bank. 

Our colleagues at GROB Service are also enjoying a feeling of satisfaction; they have unveiled their GROB4Track (condition monitoring) and their new GROB4CARE online shop at the trade fair for the very first time. "These service packages have prompted keen interest among visitors to the GROB stand in service issues for the first time," Thomas Glüder, Service Director at GROB explained. The feedback from visitors has proven to us that we are showing them something special. As we can also demonstrate the real benefits of our services, we are able to convince them of the advantages offered by GROB4Track and by our new GROB4CARE online shop." There is vigorous dialogue at the trade fair between GROB Service personnel and visitors; we listen to customers' wishes and suggestions for improvement and then implement them and take them on board immediately after the event.

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