Engine and transmission assembly

  • GROB has long-standing experience building of highly complex assembly lines for cylinder head and engine components. Even partial assemblies such as differential housing, cylinder head covers and piston/ connecting rod assemblies, for example, are subassemblies for which GROB can supply optimal assembly systems.

    GROB also has years of experience in the complete assembly of automatic or shift transmissions. The design and concepts are always adapted to customer requirements. The design and structure of the different assembly concepts are always based on a modular and standardized principle. The following station units are available, depending on the application and assembly philosophy:

    Fully automatic stations

    Fully automatic stations have an automatic part feeder function and completely automated assembly sequences. They are designed for high output and complicated sequences.

    Semiautomatic stations

    The part feeding function and workpiece handling take place either manually or fully automatically. Semiautomatic stations guarantee optimal cycle balance for the operators and the line.

    Manual stations

    Manual stations are used where tasks that are difficult to automate need to be solved, in case of changing work contents and for low product life and high flexibility.

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