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    Technologies of the future ...

    "GROB-NET4Industry" uses web technology to create cross-plant transparency throughout the production process. The modules within GROB-NET4Industry specially developed by GROB network and digitalize production processes, thereby facilitating paperless communication for even greater productivity.

    The opportunities are immense and the efforts pay off: Living up to expectations, Industry 4.0 is supposed to achieve productivity increases of up to 30%. According to experts, Industry 4.0 is key to securing and enhancing the competitiveness of German industry. 

    Today, we at GROB offer you modular applications within GROB-NET4Industry that take account of the goals of Industry 4.0.

    ... experienced today

    GROB4Analyze: Feedback from the machine for the CIP

    GROB4Automation: Intuitive production control software for unmanned operation

    GROB4Care: The service and maintenance portal

    GROB4Coach: Programming, simulation and training

    GROB4Connect: Connection from the real world to the ERP system

    GROB4Interface: Easy route to machine communication

    GROB4Line: The machine in sight via smartphone

    GROB4Simulate: Complex processes and parts simply simulated

    GROB4Track: Machine axes in view at all times

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