Multi-functional, interactive machine operation

  • GROB4Pilot offers the machine operator a modern working environment on the machine through a multifunctional user interface. Parallel access to ERP, PLM and MES systems allows paperless production, CAD/CAM visualization, simulation viewer, tool management and the GROB-NET4Industry solutions.
    The entire production process – from the CAD model through to the NC simulation – is now digitally mapped
    on the GROB4Pilot control itself. 

    GROB4Pilot functionalities:

    • 24" multi-touch display
    • CAD/CAM applications
    • 3D component viewer
    • Custom user interfaces
    • Access to the GROB4Portal
    • HTML5-compliant web browser
    • Grouping function
    • Intuitive user guidance with illuminated keys

    Your package

    • Use of applications parallel to machine operation
    • Optimized keyboard
    • 3D SpaceMouse
    • Trackball
    • USB user authentication

    The benefits to you

    • Time saving thanks to parallel functionality
    • Faster run-in times
    • Interactive control
    • Support during preventive maintenance work by remote switch
  • GROB4Pilot
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