GROB thermal spraying system G500TS

  • To improve the overall performance of combustion engines, the automotive industry is working on new technologies for reducing the weight of engines and increasing their performance. Weight can effectively be reduced by using aluminum cylinder crankcases with thermally-sprayed cylinder bearing surfaces.

    In light of this development, the industry is demanding the provision of complete production lines for machining cylinder crankcases along the entire process chain (preparation, activation, spraying, hard-machining) for the spraying process. The G500TS thermal spraying system developed by GROB is meeting these requirements and expanding the production chain for cylinder crankcases. As the production cell for large-scale series production, the G550TS can be fully integrated into GROB's flexible machining lines. Besides its high degree of reliability, the GROB spraying plant also meets the specific demands of the spraying process.

    The GROB spraying plant employs the RSW spraying method, but can also be used for other spraying methods and processes. Once the spraying process is complete, the hard surface is machined by a defined cutting edge on a GROB G-module. The cylinder bores are then cleaned and finally machined on honing tools in three honing stages. In combination with the microstructure and micro-hardness of the bearing layer, the roughness profile of the final surface produces the best possible tribiological properties.

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