Paradigm shift in GROB workpiece machining

  • In addition to established customer workpieces such as cylinder heads, cylinder crank casings or transmission cases, chassis and bodywork components such as aluminium framework or structural components are becoming increasing important for GROB. 

    Numerous projects for chassis components, including struts and transverse control arms have already been successfully realized. Other newly developed parts such as structural components are already in large-scale production on GROB systems.

    Highly-accurate and precise machining of these components requires these delicate workpieces to be positioned and fixed in highly-complex clamping fixtures. In addition to that, the entire workpiece handling and automation processes for transporting the workpieces presents a huge challenge.

    GROB has successfully established itself in this new market segment and demonstrated that GROB machining centers are capable of machining practically all passenger car components, either from the powertrain, chassis or bodywork. 

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