Modularity brings many advantages

Separation of axes

During the development of the G-series, the axes movements were divided between the tool and workpiece for dynamics and rigidity reasons. As a result of this separation, a very compact modular machining center design has been accomplished.

Modular structure

The basic principle of each machininG-module of the G-series is identical. The module is optionally equipped with one or two spindle slide units as well as one or two spindles. They are horizontally arranged and have a cross-slide with X-Z movement. The workpiece bridge travels vertically in Y direction. In accordance with this principle the G-series is offered in three sizes: one or two-spindle machining centers, with one or two workpieces, each with A-, B- or A/B axes.

The separation of the main components allows a modularized production process with reduced throughput times minimizing the production costs. This leads to a reduction of component variation but at the same time to a vast number of combination possibilities.

Optimum flexibility

With the G-series we are able to quickly and flexibly react to workpiece modifications or model changes at any time. This modular principle also facilitates reusability.

High economic efficiency

The G-series is optimized for wet and dry machining. The entire system requires very little installation space and is optimized for short throughput times within the framework of the GROB production system.

Absolutely future-proof

Innovation cycles are becoming increasingly shorter, and product changes, especially in the automotive industry, must be implemented within a very short time. These requirements are ideally fulfilled by the G-series. It is absolutely easy to convert and can be extended at any time. With its very low installation and commissioning effort, which has been reduced to a minimum, the G-series is the flexible partner for all production tasks and any process modification.

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