Customer-specific concept solutions through optional packages

  • Apart from the standard version of the G-modules, numerous optional packages can be selected un the design of the machine systems. This ensures a customer-specific concept solution, individually tailored to their needs and requirements.

    Drive options

    All G-modules in the standard version are built with ball screw drives and servomotors for the main axes.

    Linear motor package: an option is offered by incorporating the linear motor technology in the main axes. This enables further reduction of the chip-to-chip time.

    Control system options

    GROB offers Siemens as the standard control system of the G-modules. They can be optionally equipped with a Fanuc or Bosch Rexroth control system.

    Hydraulic-free machines 

    At the EMO 2011 machine tool trade fair, GROB presented a completely hydraulic-free machining center as a world-wide innovation with numerous patent registrations. All axes and drives for tool and workpiece clampings take place via highly dynamic servomotors with high-precision gearboxes. This technology is available for new systems upon request!

    Technology & innovation

    After years of research and development looking for the optimal machining methods especially for workpieces in the automotive industry, GROB has continued to further improve its modern production methods.

    • The machining of workpieces in aluminum and grey cast iron with minimum quantity lubrication has now been realized by GROB in many projects for the automotive industry. 
    • Processes with minimum quantity lubrication have been optimized by GROB through to complete dry machining. 

    As a further innovation package, GROB offers various methods and solutions for the optimization of the energy efficiency of the machines. The GROB motor spindles can be equipped for all sizes with a comprehensive spindle diagnostics system. Remote machine maintenance and remote machine diagnostics enable the customer to have an optimal fault diagnostics service and the fastest possible maintenance and repair measures on its high-performance manufacturing equipment.

    Decentralized coolant units 

    GROB offers offers several options for coolant systems. These are based on long-standing experience in the automotive industry with sophisticated and highly complicated processes. These self-designed coolant systems ensure optimal process technology with highest energy efficiency and minimum maintenance and disposal costs.

    Mist collectors

    Specially designed and built mist collectors for the metal cutting machines ensure a high degree of efficiency during the machining cycles.  

  • Hydraulic-free 5-axis machining center with electromechanical pallet changer
    Hydraulic-free 5-axis machining center with electromechanical pallet changer
    Energy efficiency
    Energy efficiency
    Decentralized coolant unit
    Decentralized coolant unit
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