GROB spindles for optimum process design

  • A large selection of spindle options is available for the entire G-module series for optimum process design. Self-developed and produced GROB spindles are preferably used, as they are optimally matched to the G-modules.

    Spindle options with tool taper sizes HSK-A63 and HSK-A100 are available. The spindle speeds reach from 6,000 to 18,000 rpm and the spindle torques from 34 Nm to 1,270 Nm.

    The mentioned spindle options follow the modular principle, which can be combined with one another corresponding to the requirements and G-module size.

    Quality features of the GROB spindles

    • highest rigidity
    • high dynamic values
    • best mechanical properties
    • excellent GROB quality due to in-house production
    • suitable for steel, cast iron and aluminum machining

    GROB spindle diagnostics

    A special feature of GROB spindles is the self-developed GROB spindle diagnostics function, which is offered as an option. This enables continuous operation of the spindle in the premium performance segment. Critical wear can be prematurely detected, enabling the avoidance of wear-related failure. Maximum spindle life is therefore possible and trouble-free production is ensured.

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