Modularity is the GROB standard

  • The requirements a modern production system has to fulfill are as versatile as they are contrary: more flexibility, more productivity, and at the same time lower investment costs and absolute future sustainability. With the G-series, a production system has been developed that is trend-setting for the machine tool industry.

    G-series have been designed to meet for the highest level of flexibility on the machine side as well as on the process side. Therefore the machining centers follow a modular design. They are independent modules, that can be configured from a modular system, depending on customer requirements.


    • modular structure
    • X- and Z-axis with highest dynamics
    • highest rigidity
    • ideal chip disposal (machining with part hanging)
    • horizontal machining
    • highest flexibility
    • good accessibility (loading from the front and the top possible)
    • high energy efficiency
    • minimum chip-to-chip time


    Axis configuration G300/G320

    • Z:  Horizontal linear axis, feed/spindle axis
    • X:  Horizontal linear axis, parallel to the clamping table
    • Y': Vertical linear axis
    • A': Rotary axis around X
    • B': Rotary axis around Y'
    • X and Z-motion within the spindle (no quill)
    • A' / B' and Y'-motion within the part


    Axis configuration G500/G520/G700/G720

    • X and Z movements in the spindle (no quills)
    • Y´-axis in the workpiece
    • swivel axes in the workpiece


  • Schematic representation
    Schematic representation
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