Transportation and automation components

  • The GROB automation system, together with its transportation and automation components, can be combined into complex automation systems. The high degree of standardization not only ensures an optimal price/performance ratio, but also a high degree of technical optimization.


    Lifts serve to compensate height differences, thus enabling conveying in different levels. Therefore, transportation over obstacles and across aisles is possible. Lifts are frequently used in conjunction with conveyors in several levels as a storage system..

    Swing-out conveyor sections

    Swing-out conveyor sections create a walkthrough the conveyor system and ensure the accessibility of individual system components. They are always used where ground-level crossing of the automation system is required.

    Rotary tables

    Rotary tables are used to change the transport direction and as diverters. Changes of direction in 90° steps are therefore possible. The orientation of the pallet to the transport direction always remains unchanged.

    Rotary units

    Rotary units enable a change of orientation of pallets and workpieces. One application option is also the use in inspection stations, where accessibility to the workpiece from all sides is made possible.

    Cross conveyors

    Similar to the rotary tables, cross conveyors can also be used as diverters, whereby in this case the orientation of the pallet to the conveyor system always changes. Cross conveyors are frequently used to eject or insert workpieces from or into the material flow for measuring and inspection purposes. The combination of a rotary table and a cross conveyor in one unit is also possible.

    Storage systems

    A large selection of storage systems is available. Workpiece and pallet magazines are available as well as component magazines. Storage systems are mainly used for buffering and sorting tasks.

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    Cross conveyors
    Cross conveyors
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