Individual automation solutions

  • GROB’s automation solutions for large-scale manufacturing have enjoyed an excellent reputation for decades in both the system and universal machine business. GROB is dedicated to providing customized solutions that combine, for example, several universal machining centers and intelligent, highly dynamic linking and automation components in order to create a sophisticated, flexible production system. Such systems are perfectly suited to processing complex components rapidly and at minimum cost in relatively small to ultra-small batches.

    It is no surprise then that GROB’s expansion options in particular are becoming ever more attractive. Not only do they cement GROB’s position as a strong partner that offers solutions from workpiece storage to highly flexible production systems – they also increase the range of ways in which GROB modules can be used. 

    For example, the rotary pallet storage system (PSS-R) transforms the G-module into a flexible production cell, providing the perfect starting point for automated, highly efficient manufacturing. The linear pallet storage system (PSS-L) makes an ideal modular system for individual machines or for interlinking identical ones. Customers can choose to have two or more storage tiers for pallets of the same type and select the number of set-up stations according to their requirements.

    From compact pallet storage through to individual workpiece handling and flexible production systems, GROB’s solutions are the perfect answer to the growing demand for maximum flexibility and efficiency in the field of automation.

  • Flexible manufacturing system
    Flexible manufacturing system
    Pallet storage system
    Pallet storage system
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