Customer-specific automation solution

  • The tougher requirements in the automation sector require an individual solution for optimized flexibility and Efficiency that is tailored to the customer's specific needs. GROB offers solutions – from small compact pallet magazines to individual part handling through to flexible production systems with multiple machines and a centralized supply of tools.


    Compact pallet storage system

    The compact pallet storage system offers even greater flexibility in the configuration of pallet storage positions, permits a mixed operation of differently sized pallets and considers the length of the parts.

    Equipment features of the illustrated design:

    • Universal machining center G550
    • 40 pallet storage positions for compact pallets / parts with HSK interface at 4 Levels
    • 1 gripper arm for pallets / part handling
    • 1 setup Station


    Flexible production System

    In the full version, both the tool flow and the part flow can be automated. The figure shows a version of a flexible production system with a tool buffer storage rack. The robot can interchange tools in the magazines of multiple machines.The part flow is managed by a pallet changing device for pallet handling, to which three setup stations, one high-rack storage system with 90 pallet storage positions and the machining units are connected.

    Equipment features of the illustrated design:

    • 3 interlinked GROB machining Centers
    • Pallet storage system with 90 pallet storage positions
    • 3 setup stations
    • Automatic tool supply with 1,000 Tools
    • Pallet handling via a pallet changing device
    • Space requirement approx. 240 m2



  • Compact pallet storage system
    Compact pallet storage system
    Flexible production system
    Flexible production system
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