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Digitalization and networking with GROB-NET4Industry


At the peak of Industry 4.0: GROB-NET4Industry modular web applications network your manufacturing facility across all plants and create global transparency in your production process. With an integrated support concept, low system requirements and software that's independent of the control systems, GROB-NET4Industry is the ideal solution for small, medium-sized and large organizations and connects up their production facilities, from manufacture through to machine service.

Your digital networking solution
The future-facing technologies of GROB-NET4Industry create transparency and increase your productivity along the entire value creation chain.
GROB-NET4Industry modules

GROB4Line – The machine in sight via smartphone


  • GROB machine connected to the Internet
  • Machines can be controlled by smartphones or computers via an Internet connection

GROB4Analyze – Feedback from the machine for CIP


  • Display of the current machine status and previous values
  • Numerical calculation with display of characteristic values

GROB4Simulate – Complex processes and parts simply simulated


  • Collision prevention
  • Simulation of actual CN codes and cut-off values

GROB4Coach – Programming, simulation and training


  • Programming of part programs
  • Effective, PC-supported training software for CNC novices and experts

GROB4Interface – Easy route to machine communication


  • Data transfer straight from the machine control system
  • Information retrieval without additional hardware having to be installed

GROB4Connect – Connection from the real world to the ERP system


  • Machine coupled to the ERP system
  • All production-relevant data transmitted to machine operators via web technology

GROB4Pilot – Multi-functional, interactive machine operation


  • All production processes amalgamated on one station
  • Powerful hardware that is easy to handle

GROB4Automation – Intuitive production control software for unmanned operation


  • Support for unmanned shifts with simple operation
  • Autonomous part management

GROB4Track – Machine axes in view at all times


  • Machine state monitoring
  • Number of unscheduled machine shutdowns reduced

GROB4Care – Service and maintenance portal


  • Convenient, simple procurement of spare parts through our web shop
  • Clarification of part availability and display of customer-specific

GROB4Portal – The secure Cloud for the industry


  • User administration and machine management
  • Template creation and access to all GROB-NET4Industry solutions

Software made by GROB

Learn more about the individual GROB-NET4Industry modules and how you can benefit from Industry 4.0.

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