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The GROB thermal spraying system G500TS


Wear-resistant, low-friction and performance-enhancing: The innovative GROB thermal spraying method is the ideal solution for manufacturing aluminum crankcases with thermally sprayed cylinder surfaces. A simple expansion of the production chain allows the thermal spraying method to be seamlessly integrated into your combustion engine manufacturing process to guarantee the best results from your modern manufacturing facility.

GROB thermal spraying methods

Wire method

The GROB wire method gives you a favorable thermal spraying material, a high degree of process reliability and simple material conveying: A transport gas centrifuges fine droplets of a molten steel wire onto the cylinder surface, where they instantly solidify into a wafer thin layer.

Powder method

The GROB powder method offers advantages such as high flexibility of the material and a tried and proven process: A powder is fused by means of electrical current and a plasma gas. Unlike the wire method, a powder conveyor is required here.


The GROB thermal spraying system offers incredible wear resistance and optimized cycle times.

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