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Efficient winding technologies by GROB


The right technology for your project: We offer a broad range of winding technologies for optimized use in the electromobility sector. The winding stations, modified to suit customers' individual requirements, are designed specifically for manufacturing stators and rotors for electric motors and alternators. They guarantee the highest degree of accuracy in every step. Whether fully or partially automated, linked or stand-alone: GROB offers customized technology for overcoming new challenges in the electromobility sector.

GROB winding technologies
GROB winding
  • Wave winding (continuous hairpin)


  • Hairpin


  • Linear winding


  • Needle winding


  • Template-based winding (inserting technology)


  • Flyer winding (inserting technology)
E-mobility made by GROB

Electric motors, batteries and fuel cells: Discover the services we offer for electromobility.

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