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GROB4Optimization MSP


Extend the service life of your motorized spindle and tools and reduce costs. GROB4Optimization MSP helps you develop your full potential and supports the optimization of your process.

GROB4Optimization MSP at a glance:
checkboxRecording of vibration and temperature values by sensors using GROB spindle diagnostics (GSD)
checkboxCombined data recording when tolerances are exceeded at the time the fault occurs (including NC program step, tool, rotational speed, vibrational acceleration and feed)
checkboxDisplay of results including evaluation options (directly on the HMI or web-based)
checkboxProvision of proposals for optimization you can implement yourself
The benefits to you:
checkboxCost savings thanks to the extended service life of the tool and motorized spindle
checkboxIndividual optimization of the process parameters
checkboxDetection and possible elimination of surface quality issues
checkboxQuick set-up, no external support required

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