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Rapid assistance when it matters: Reduce machine downtimes to a minimum with the Service-Level-Agreement (SLA) from GROB. With guaranteed response times for our hotline and our express technicians, as well as dispatch standby times for motorized spindles and spare parts, we are on hand immediately if problems occur!

Our promise to you:*
checkboxCallback from a qualified technician within 30 to 60 minutes
checkboxFree use of remote machine diagnostics
checkboxDeparture of an express technician within six hours
checkboxDispatch of in-stock spare parts as well as replacement motorized spindles within six hours
checkboxSimplified ordering procedures
The benefits to you:
checkboxReduction of waiting and idle times to an absolute minimum
checkboxHigh degree of planning capability thanks to guaranteed response times
checkboxMinimal loss of production

*The Service-Level-Agreement is currently available to you in Germany and Austria. The scope of services and product details can be found in the official product information sheet or the quotation.

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