Optimal degree of utilization thanks to round-the-clock support

  • Round-the-clock customer service support for machine repairs and machine fault elimination is guaranteed preventing the worst case scenario of a machine standstill, which always involves high costs.

    The personnel planning of GROB employees and external service providers on the customers' premises takes place at GROB round the clock. Another top priority at GROB service. A service that forms a constituent part of the GROB customer philosophy. A philosophy that is not only described in high-gloss brochures, but one that is lived every day, keeping its promise to our customers.

    GROB service technicians do the utmost to keep GROB machines and GROB equipment running. Competent technicians ensure fast knowledge transfer, immediately check material availability, arrange for shipping and integrate personnel services.

    Best GROB service for best GROB products as a best GROB provision.

  • Service team
    Service team


    Tyler Bricker
    Phone: +1 (419) 358 - 9015
    E-Mail: customerservice@grobsystems.com

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