GROB machines - a good basis for best equipment optimization

  • Sometimes there are good reasons for overhauling or modernizing existing systems instead of purchasing new ones. The GROB service team carries out adaptations and optimizations on existing equipment or provides support for the relocation of existing systems - even over long distances.

    Constant economic change and ever-changing technologies lead to improved manufacturing and production processes and the incentive of using these new technologies to make existing products more efficient, thus achieving reduced manufacturing costs.

    Integrated technology management is required to successfully integrate new technologies in the company. Systematic diagnosis and analysis of existing weak points enables a wide range of improvement potential.

    GROB service technicians submit proposals to increase the degree of machine availability, thus offering support for making the decision as to whether existing equipment is to be overhauled, or whether a new acquisition would be more economical.

  • Service team: Plant optimization, modernization and consultation
    Service team: Plant optimization, modernization and consultation


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