Best training for optimal machine use

  • In order to use your GROB machining center optimally, we offer your various training modules for operators, programmers, electrical and mechanical maintenance.

    All training modules are available for the control Siemens 840D sl, Heidenhain iTNC 530 and TNC 640 and FANUC 30 iB.

    Your advantages:

    - increase production
    - more efficient machining
    - improving quality, protection of machines and tools
    - higher machine utilization and lower machine failure rate
    - reducing of set up time

    GROB offers you the following training modules:  


    By working in small groups, it is possible to consider interests and knowledge of all participants the same way. Depending on availability, individual training modules can be individually arranged. After successful registration you will receive a written confirmation.

    The trainings are held in German and English.If you should require another language, we would be pleased to submit you our offer for a translator.

  • Contact:

    Brent Wasson, B.S.E.E.
    Phone: +1 (419) 369 - 2934

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