Trade fair dates : GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG

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GROB in action: Experience our innovative products and services at a trade fair near you to see GROB's outstanding quality for yourself.

5-AXIS LIVE, GROB Systems, Bluffton, OH, USA


Manufacturing Deep Dive with GROB, Bluffton, OH, USA


EV - TECH, Novi, Michigan, USA

2019-09-10 to 2019-09-12

EMO, Hanover, Germany

2019-09-16 to 2019-09-21 

Coiltech, Pordenone, Italy

2019-09-25 to 2019-09-26

CMTS (Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show)
Toronto, ON, Canada

2019-09-30 to 2019-10-03

TOOLEX, Sosnowiec, Poland

2019-10-01 to 2019-10-03 

Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show

West Allis, WI, USA

2019-10-08 to 2019-10-10

Wichita Industrial Trade Show, Wichita, KS, USA

2019-10-22 to 2019-10-24

Open House GROB Mexico, Querétaro, Mexico


METALEX, Bangkok, Thailand

2019-11-20 to 2019-11-23

Open House, GROB Mindelheim, Germany

2020-03-18 to 2020-03-21

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