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After a hiatus for trade shows in China for several years due to the pandemic, GROB successfully presented themselves from April 10th to 15th, 2023 at the 18th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) in Beijing and, with the G700F, showed a typical machining center for frame structure and chassis parts for the first time at an Asian trade show.
GROB at the CIMT 2023
GROB at the CIMT 2023
GROB at the CIMT 2023

Since their trade show debut in 2003, GROB has been a regular exhibitor at the CIMT, one of the most important platforms for the international machine tool industry in East Asia. “For us, the CIMT in Asia is one of the most important trade fairs for everything across the machining business”, stated GROB CSO Christian Müller. "Especially after COVID, it was important for us to make an appearance at an international level again. With over 150,000 visitors, CIMT was very well attended and we more than achieved our goals."


With this year's trade show motto "Integration and Innovation - Digital Intelligence Future” in mind, GROB also presented their "Centers of Excellence" (CoE), which have focused on the technical challenges of GROB’s customers and offer them tailor-made solutions. The CoE are designed for the aerospace, mold and die, medical technology, and automation sectors.


As a trade show novelty, GROB China presented a G700F for the machining of frame structure and chassis parts as well as battery housings at their 214 m² stall for the first time. The universal machine G350 was another eye-catcher with its advantages in terms of dynamics, chip fall, accessibility, and maximum tool length and was awarded the "Innovation Product Award" by the specialist magazine MM Manufacturing Media during the trade show.


The trade show also revealed that the markets in China develop differently than elsewhere, depending on the sector. “The automotive sector will certainly need a few more months to invest at its old level again. Some reluctance still persists on the market,” Müller sees the development in China realistically.


Electromobility, on the other hand, is experiencing a real boom in China. “We have received a large number of projects in China in recent years and delivered large volumes from our plant in Dalian. The regionalization of e-mobility was already taking place before COVID, which in a way gave us a home advantage and made GROB a well-known and competent partner in the e-mobility sector in China," Müller described GROB's recipe for success. One of the reasons why GROB survived the difficult years of the pandemic well and was able to continue to develop their team in China.