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For a perfect production process


The GROB system machines, universal machining centers and assembly lines are among the best in the world – our matching automation solutions make them even more efficient. To maintain the highest quality standard, all components are produced in-house and are optimally matched to our customers' specific needs. GROB's semi-automated to fully automated technology guarantees optimized part handling and efficient production.

Pallet solutions

Pallet changer system

Improve the productivity of your GROB machine by setup during part machining. A rotating pallet changer exchanges the pallets between setup station and work area of the machine and clamps the pallets on the rotary table and the setup station. A high degree of process reliability is guaranteed by an integrated seating check system and by flushing the zero point clamping system during the pallet change sequence.

GROB pallet changer system

The benefits to you:


  • Retooling or loading and unloading of the parts to the machine setup station during the machining operation
  • Pallet changer system compactly integrated into the machine
  • Optimized access to the rotatable and lockable setup station
  • Fast exchange of pallets between work area and setup station
  • Seating check system for the pallets already located in the pallet changer system
  • Wide-opening setup station doors with crane loading capability

Rotary pallet storage system (PSS-R)

GROB rotary pallet storage system

The GROB rotary pallet storage system expands the G-module to a flexible production cell to offer optimum entry to automated, highly efficient production.



  • Versions with up to 15 pallet storage positions at one to three levels
  • Easily accessible setup station arranged next to the machine control panel
  • Fast pallet change when using two pallets thanks to an innovative pallet changing device
  • Visualization and organization of production orders with flexible production control software
  • State-of-the-art production control software with 19-inch touchscreen panel


The benefits to you:


  • Complete solution from a single source in a standardized design
  • Economic production with increased machine capacity utilization
  • Capability to produce in unmanned/lightly-manned shifts
  • Optimized view into the work area and towards the pallet storage positions
  • Parallel loading and unloading of the pallets during the machining operation
  • High storage capacity with small footprint
  • Pallet storage solution for small initial investment
  • Simple retrofit on existing machines

Linear pallet storage system (PSS-L)

GROB linear pallet storage system

The linear pallet storage system is a development from GROB that complements the product range with a highly automated, flexible manufacturing line for a wide variety of part machining.




  • Up to five machines ca be connected to one system
  • Expandable modular system consisting of at least one basic module
  • System flexibly expandable by up to four expansion modules and additional setup stations
  • Easily accessible setup station with crane loading capability
  • Visualization and organization of production orders with a flexible production control software
  • For machines with and without pallet changer
  • Highly dynamic loading unit with optimized control system for reduced pallet change time

The benefits to you:


  • Flexibly configurable according to your requirements
  • Complete solution form a single source in a standardized design and an interface which is optimally matched to the machine
  • Cost-effective production through increased machine utilization
  • Permits a longer and unmanned production period
  • Allows optimum access to work area of the machine during automation, e.g. for manual loading or setup work
  • High storage capacity with small footprint
  • Pallet storage solution with low investment
Top loading

Cartesian linear gantry

The Cartesian linear gantry is designed for the fully automated direct loading of a G-module from above and is available in three different versions. It has one vertical axis per carriage and is therefore also suitable for extremely heavy parts. The Cartesian linear system travels in the horizontal and vertical plane at the same time, thereby also achieving more efficiency.

Cartesian linear gantry with telescope

The Cartesian linear gantry with telescope is one of GROB's most recent top loading developments and is especially suitable for use in production halls with a low ceiling height.

Front loading

Automatic sliding changer

The automatic sliding changer is normally equipped with a loading portal. Loading with agile loading gantry and automatic sliding changer is the GROB standard for automated, decoupled loading processes that guarantee minimum non-productive times during the machining process.

Swiveling changer

The swiveling changer decouples the part transport process from the machine loading process, which can be done either manually or via a portal. It is suitable for both partially and fully automated loading. A swiveling changer is able to load two machines, positioned opposite one another to save space, in succession.

Transportation and automation components

Automation system

The standard automation system is executed as a friction-type roller conveyor and can be employed on all GROB machines. All rollers are simultaneously driven by a tangential chain. The height of the roller conveyor is adapted as required. Drip pans made of galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel are available as an option.


Lifts serve to compensate level differences, thereby allowing automation system guidance across multiple levels. Transport across obstacles and travel paths is therefore also possible. Often, lifts combined with automation systems across several levels are used as a storage system.

Swivel conveyor

Swivel conveyors create passageway through the automation system to guarantee passageway to the individual plant parts. These components are used wherever the automation system has to be crossed at ground level.

Rotary tables

Rotary tables are used to alter the transport direction and also as switch points. This permits direction changes in 90° increments. The orientation of the pallet to the transport direction is always maintained.

Lift transverse units

Similar to the rotary tables, lift transverse units can be used as switch points. Lift transverse units are often used to unload and load parts from and to the material flow for measuring and inspection tasks. Likewise, rotary table and lift transverse unit can be combined to form one lift rotate unit.

Swivel units

Swivel units allow pallets or parts to change direction. They can also be used in inspection stations, where they permit access to the part from all sides.

Storage systems

There is a broad range of storage systems to choose from. Part and pallet storage systems, as well as component storage systems are available. Storage systems are used primarily for buffering and sorting tasks.

SPC stations

SPC stations are single workstations along the manufacturing line, at which parts can be loaded and unloaded for statistic process controls.

The ideal first step
The GROB rotary pallet storage system expands the G-module to a flexible manufacturing cell.
GROB rotary pallet storage system
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