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As a global, family-owned company, we have been developing manufacturing systems and machine tools for more than 90 years. Our customers include the world's leading automotive manufacturers, their component suppliers and other companies from a broad range of sectors. Worldwide, the GROB Group employs around 6,900 people and generates an annual revenue of some 1.5 billion euro. As a family-owned company, we constantly aspire to achieve quality, precision and sustained growth through our own efforts.


Our employees are the company's backbone, our key success factor and our shaping force. They are instrumental to ensuring not only our presence among the international competition, but also to further enhancing our technology and market leadership. Become part of GROB's success story and benefit from our attractive employment conditions.

How GROB can benefit you

Commitment, qualification and team spirit has to be rewarded – that's why we offer our employees a host of extraordinary advantages and benefits.



Your effort should be well paid. As an employee of the GROB Group, you receive an attractive salary and extra allowances and benefits, as well as special holiday and Christmas bonuses.




Personnel progress

We offer our employees a diverse range of professional and personnel development opportunities. Complete one of the numerous internal courses or agree external training programs in regular exchanges with your line manager.





To strengthen the cooperation within our company, GROB also offers regular team development activities. Managers and young executives also learn in special programs targeting professional development for competently managing their team.


International environment

No matter whether in Assembly, Service, Engineering, or in other specialist departments: Deployments abroad are part of various professional profiles at GROB. They give you the opportunity to garner experience in an international environment.




Welcome program

A good start – guaranteed: In our onboarding program, each and every employee learns everything there is to know about GROB and the company's products in an introductory event over several days.

Social benefits

Retirement pension scheme

Think about tomorrow with our company retirement pension scheme: Our profitable model for your personal pension allows you to invest part of your salary in a retirement fund sponsored by GROB.

Company canteen

From snacks to lunch to our night shift and Saturday pack-ups: Our company canteen offers a range of good value, balanced meals every day.

This is what we stand for!

GROB-WERKE values and guiding principles.

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