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Worldwide service for your motorized spindle


In the GROB spindle centers, our specialists repair the motorized spindle from your machine to the highest manufacturer quality. Thanks to tailored supply solutions and our extensive stock of rebuilt replacement motorized spindles, we are able to offer our customers a fast response should their spindle fail.

GROB Spindle Repair Room
Discover GROB Bluffton's motorized spindle center in our virtual tour.
Replacement spindle service

The motorized spindle in your GROB machine has failed and needs to be replaced. Not a problem. We will take care of the delivery right away and can also install a refurbished replacement spindle upon request.

Spindle repair service

Do you have a replacement spindle that you want to have installed in your GROB machine after a motorized spindle failure? Not a problem. We will install your replacement spindle upon request and repair your defective spindle quickly and cost-effectively with the warranty of a new spindle.

The benefits to you at a glance
  • Immediate response after a motorized spindle failure thanks to our extensive replacement spindle warehouse
  • Your machine is down for the shortest possible time
  • Twelve month warranty as for a new spindle
  • Maximum useful life with manufacturer repair
  • Cost and time savings through special prices under a free service agreement

Any questions?

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Motorized Spindle Support


+1 (419)-369 2611