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Machining center for frame structure and chassis parts
With optimized chip transport and high machine dynamics, the G600F machine variant achieves outstanding results for machining frame structure and chassis parts and battery housings.
The 1,550 mm interference range diameter, long travel paths and a swivel head with a range of 180 degrees make the G600F the ideal solution for complete 5-sided machining in your automated manufacturing facility.
Technical data
Working travels
in X-/Y-/Z-axis (mm)
Max. speeds
in X-/Y-/Z-axis (m/min)
Interference diameter
All technical data
Chip-to-chip time t1
according to VDI 2852 (s) relative to speed (rpm)
Positioning accuracy
in X-/Y-/Z-axis (mm)
Table diameter
Table load
without/with pallet (kg)
Total weight
without/with pallet changer (kg)
The benefits at a glance
checkboxHigh dynamics
checkboxHigh manufacturing flexibility
checkboxHigh machining accuracy
checkboxCustomer-specific part loading
checkboxAs a stand-alone machine or linked in the system
checkboxSuitable for MQL machining operations
checkboxCompact external dimensions
Machine concept

Version with established AC-kinematics and long travel paths in the X-,Y- and Z-axes

Chip transport

Automatic chip removal to the rear of the machine

Individual automation

Available with manual or automatic front loading or automatic top loading, and optionally with integrated pallet changer.

Interference diameter

Up to 1,750 mm (with restricted Y-travel path) or up to 1,550 mm (no restriction)

Technology down to the finest detail
Chip disposal

Uninterrupted part machining with chip disposal by a scraper-type conveyor

Machine bed

Intrinsically stiff welded design for optimum machine rigidity

Chip disposal

Uninterrupted part machining with chip disposal by a scraper-type conveyor

Machine bed

Intrinsically stiff welded design for optimum machine rigidity

G600F – Intelligent GROB technology
Free chip fall and high machining dynamics: The G600F machining center is the optimal solution for your frame structure and chassis parts.
G600F – Intelligent GROB technology
Typical machining operations
Side rail
MaterialAluminium alloy
Motorized spindle18,000 rpm
Power/torque29 kW/34.6 Nm
Suspension strut dome
MaterialAluminium alloy
Motorized spindle18,000 rpm
Power/torque29 kW/34.6 Nm 
Battery tray
MaterialAluminium alloy
Motorized spindle18,000 rpm
Power/torque29 kW/34.6 Nm 
MaterialAluminium alloy
Motorized spindle12,000 rpm
Power/torque40 kW/161.4 Nm 
MaterialAluminium alloy
Motorized spindle18,000 rpm
Power/torque20 kW/26 Nm 

Spindle versions

Besides the broad range of spindles, the motorized spindle designed and manufactured by GROB is the preferred choice for optimized process design. This spindle is perfectly matched to the G600F and has optimized quality features.


  • HSK-A63, 34 Nm, 18,000 rpm (standard)
GROB Spindle Diagnostics (GSD)

GROB spindle diagnostics is a system that automatically monitors the condition of the motorized spindle. Benefits are a prolonged motorized spindle useful life, reduced tool wear and scheduled maintenance.

GROB Chip-in-Spindle Detection System (SiS)

This system is able to detect at an early stage tool clamping faults caused by chips between the plain surface and the spindle nose from 10 μm. So the machining process is optimized and rejects and damage are avoided.

Tool magazine

The single-disk magazine of the G600F achieves fast chip-to-chip times, requires only a small footprint and allows optimum access.

Control systems

Choose between modern and powerful CNC control systems from market leaders for the G600F.

Automation solutions

Draw on the experience we have garnered over several decades and benefit from the automation technology we tailor to meet your needs.

2-way pallet changer system
2-way pallet changer system

Use the GROB pallet changer system to increase your productivity by retooling during machining time.


Pallets are interchanged between setup station and work area by means of a rotating pallet changer. A high degree of process reliability during the pallet change sequence is guaranteed by an integrated seating check system and by flushing the zero point system.

2-way pallet changer system



  • Loading and unloading of the parts to the machine setup station during the machining operation
  • Double pallet changer system compactly integrated into the machine
  • Optimum accessibility to the setup station
  • Fast exchange of pallets between work area and setup station
  • Integrated seating check system for the pallets
  • Wide-opening setup station doors with crane loading capability
Loading systems
Loading systems

The G600F is designed for efficient work area loading. All loading devices are GROB proprietary developments, and so the individual components are guaranteed to be optimally matched.

Loading systems

Top or front loading:


  • Robot


Top loading:


  • Cartesian linear gantry
  • Cartesian linear gantry with telescope


Front loading:


  • Swiveling changer
Transportation and automation components
Transportation and automation components

Together with the GROB automation system, the transport and automation components create a module from which complex automation systems can be combined. The high degree of standardization ensures the best possible price/performance ratio and a high degree of technical optimization.

Transportation and automation components
  • Automation system
  • Lifts
  • Swivel conveyors
  • Rotary tables
  • Lift transverse units
  • Swivel units
  • Storage systems
  • SPC stations
  • Zero-point clamping systems
  • Adapter plates
GROB Service
Customer service

Phone:  +1 (419) 358-9015