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5-axis universal machining center
The G150 is the smallest universal machining center in the unique G-module concept of GROB and enables customers from various industries to machine with the highest precision.
With direct and absolute position encoders in all axes, the 5-axis machining center guarantees maximum accuracy for complex components and convinces with an innovative calibration and cooling concept.
Mechanical engineering
Energy technology
Medical technology
Die and Mold Industries
Technical data
Working travels
in X-/Y'-/Z-axis (mm)
Max. speeds
in X-/Y'-/Z-axis (m/min)
Interference diameter
All technical data
Chip-to-chip time t1
according to VDI 2852 (s) relative to speed (rpm)
Positioning accuracy
in X-/Y'-/Z-axis (mm)
Table diameter
Table load
without/with pallet (kg)
Total weight
without/with pallet changer (kg)
Tool length for single disk-type tool magazine
HSK-E40 / HSK-A63 (mm)
The benefits at a glance
checkboxHigh productivity
checkboxOptimized availability
checkboxHigh visibility
checkboxFlexible applications
checkboxCompact design
checkboxOptimized access
checkboxRound-the-clock service
Unique machine concept
Horizontal spindle position

The horizontal spindle position permits the longest possible Z-travel path in the machine class and optimum chip fall.

Axis arrangement

Three linear and two rotary axes permit 5-sided machining as well as 5-axis simultaneous interpolation.

Overhead machining

The machine's unique axis arrangement permits overhead machining, offering you an optimum accessibility to the part and almost limitless possibilities for part machining.

Drive concept

The basis of the drive concept are two symmetrically arranged ball screws and a weight compensation function in the Y'-axis. Torque motors in the A'- and B'-axes ensure dynamic and wear-free machining of parts.

Maximum stability

The unique arrangement of the three linear axes minimizes the distance between the guides and the machining point (TCP), lending the machine considerable stability.

Large swivel range

The unique axis arrangement permits an extremely large swivel range of 230° in the A'-axis.

Tunnel concept

The tunnel concept allows the largest possible component – even in the case of with extremely long tools – to be machined within the work area without collision.


Select your desired specifications for a 5-axis machine from GROB directly in the form and we will send you your personal offer promptly!



5-axis configurator

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Pure technology in the smallest space
Efficient machine cooling

Active cooling of heat-absorbing components/assemblies

Rigid spindle axis

thanks to the optimally positioned bearing close to the operating point

Working with the usual familiar system

Possibility to choose between SIEMENS or HEIDENHAIN machine control systems

Ergonomic and safe

Perfect view of the machining operation through a laminated glass safety screen

Unique overhead machining

with excellent chip fall and reduced thermal load in the part

Efficient machine cooling

Active cooling of heat-absorbing components/assemblies

Rigid spindle axis

thanks to the optimally positioned bearing close to the operating point

Working with the usual familiar system

Possibility to choose between SIEMENS or HEIDENHAIN machine control systems

Ergonomic and safe

Perfect view of the machining operation through a laminated glass safety screen

Unique overhead machining

with excellent chip fall and reduced thermal load in the part

Typical machining operations
Motorized spindle16,000 rpm
Power/torque25 kW/32 Nm
Cutting volume20 %
Bottle mold
IndustryDie and mold industries
Motorized spindle30,000 rpm
Power/torque40 kW/53 Nm
Cutting volume65 %
Output carrier
IndustryMechanical engineering
Motorized spindle12,000 rpm
Power/torque40 kW/52 Nm
Cutting volume46 %
Turbine blade
Motorized spindle16,000 rpm
Power/torque25 kW/32 Nm
Cutting volume90 %
Bone insert
IndustryMedical technology
MaterialStainless steel
Motorized spindle21,000 rpm
Power/torque29 kW/39 Nm
Cutting volume81 %

Tilting rotary tables

Various tilting rotary table versions are available for the G150, depending on the requirement. The powerful rotary tables are based on the latest torque motor technology and offer optimized dynamics.

Tilting rotary tables A'-/B'-axis

Choose between tilting rotary tables with T-grooves arranged in parallel (standard), as well as tilting rotary tables with pallet clamping system (option). In addition to the standard versions with an A'- and B'-axis, the "A'-axis" (without B'-axis) and "B'-axis" (without A'-axis) options are offered for the G150.

Compact rotary table versions

An optimum swivel range is achieved thanks to the compact designs of the compact rotary table and the motorized spindle contour. Consequently, it is possible to use significantly shorter tools with smaller Z-travel paths for greater stability, accuracy and more efficient part machining.

Spindle versions

Besides the broad range of spindles, the motorized spindles designed and produced by GROB itself are the preferred choice for optimized process design. 

Motorized spindle versions
  • HSK-E40, 17,4 Nm, 42,000 rpm
  • HSK-A63, 82,8 Nm, 12,000 rpm
  • HSK-A63, 206 Nm, 16,000 rpm
  • HSK-A63, 46,6 Nm, 21,000 rpm
  • HSK-A63, 63 Nm, 30,000 rpm
GROB Spindle Diagnostics (GSD)

GROB spindle diagnostics is a system that automatically monitors the condition of the motorized spindle. Benefits are a prolonged motorized spindle useful life, reduced tool wear and scheduled maintenance.

GROB Chip-in-Spindle Detection System (SiS)

This system is able to detect at an early stage tool clamping faults caused by chips between the plain surface and the spindle nose from 10 μm. 

Tool magazine

  • Single disk-type tool magazine
  • Double disk-type tool magazine
  • Triple disk magazine

Machine control panel

[Translate to en:] GROB4Pilot

The innovative GROB4Pilot machine control panel offers the machine operator a convenient working environment on the machine through a multi-functional user interface. The entire production process – from the CAD model through to the NC simulation – is now digitally mapped on the GROB4Pilot control system itself.

  • 24" multi-touch display for intuitive operation
  • 3D component viewer parallel to machine operation
  • 3D spacemouse® for controlling CAD applications
  • Optimized keyboard for easy input
  • Trackball for alternative screen use in addition to the multitouch function
  • Enhanced user comfort thanks to simplified and intuitive machine operation
  • CAD / CAM programming directly on the machine itself 
  • Access to the GROB-NET4Industry platform 
  • Expanded applications for increased efficiency 
  • Paperless production is possible

Automation solutions

For its entire product range, GROB offers top-quality components of its own manufacture for partially to fully automated production.

Pallet changer system
Pallet changer system

Allows retooling during part machining

Rotary pallet storage system (PSS-R)
Rotary pallet storage system (PSS-R)

Optimum entry into automated and highly efficient production

Linear pallet storage system (PSS-L)
Linear pallet storage system (PSS-L)

Highly automated, flexible manufacturing line for a wide variety of part machining processes

GROB robot cell (GRC)
GROB robot cell (GRC)

For maximum flexibility and customization of your manufacturing processes

Software options

GSC Advanced (swivel axis calibration)
GSC Advanced (swivel axis calibration)

Complete package for calibrating machine geometry, managing accuracy, and automating warm-up processes.

GROB Kinematics Set
GROB Kinematics Set

All measuring equipment needed for calibrating the machine or touch probe are included in this case.

Energy efficiency package
Energy efficiency package

For efficient use of energy by reducing the power consumption of the 5-axis universal machining centers with SIEMENS control system.

Interpolation turning PLUS
Interpolation turning PLUS

As a pure software solution, it enables any turning operations on GROB universal machining centers – including turning operations that are not coaxial to the B'-axis.

Gear hobbing
Gear hobbing
  • For external gearing with gear hobbing tools
  • Ideal for gearing on shafts
  • Frontal part access is not required
Gear skiving
Gear skiving
  • For external and internal gearing with power skiving tools
  • Frontal part access required

From planning to engineering to maintenance, GROB-NET4Industry combines relevant modules for increasing productivity and offers you the all-round package for modern production in the times of Industry 4.0. Our modular GROB-NET4Industry web applications allow you to network and digitalize your production processes across all plants to make your manufacturing facility even more efficient.


High-pressure cutting fluid system
High-pressure cutting fluid system
  • High-pressure cutting fluid pump for generating the high pressure of the cutting fluid; Standard version: 23 bar; Alternatives: 5 – 40 bar or 10 – 80 bar
  • Cooling unit for cutting fluid: An external continuous cooler for cooling the cutting fluid; Available for all three high-pressure cutting fluid systems
Oil skimmer
Oil skimmer
  • For removing hydraulic and/or lubricating oil from the cutting fluid's surface
Decentralized work area extraction system
Decentralized work area extraction system
  • For keeping the work area clean, with adjustable suction power
  • Adjustable suction power for G150: 600 m3/h
Laser measurement system for milling tools
Laser measurement system for milling tools
  • Contactless, optical tool monitoring/measurement of rotating tools (e.g. milling cutters, drills)
  • Measurement and monitoring of the following tool parameters: length, diameter, breakage, wear, cutting edge condition
Tool coding
Tool coding
  • Allows data transfer between the tool and machine control system
  • Shorter tooling times
  • Write-read unit for tools with tool coding
  • Error prevention for entering tool data
Tool cleaning device
Tool cleaning device
  • Brushing and air cleaning of the conical/flat surfaces of the tool interface during the machining operation
  • Combined, GROB-patented brushing/blasting device
Electromechanical tool breakage detection device
Electromechanical tool breakage detection device
  • Tool breakage detection via a tactile tool breakage detection device
  • Monitoring during machining
  • Tool breakage detection is possible from a length of 100 mm
Hand-held controllers
Hand-held controllers
  • Keys for selecting the axis directions, feed, rapid travel, emergency stop and for acknowledging axis movements
  • Choice between SIEMENS hand-held controller, HEIDENHAIN electronic handwheel, FANUC hand-held controller HMO Panel
Machine status light
Machine status light
  • A three-color light is used to visually indicate the machine status
  • A distinction is drawn between automatic mode (green), warning (yellow) and malfunction (red)
  • Available either as a stacked light pole or integrated into the machine enclosure
Touch probe
Touch probe
  • Broad range of applications: Aligning and measuring parts or clamping fixtures; setting zero and reference points for downstream machining; machine kinematics measurement (option)
  • Touch probe including data transmission with infrared or radio
  • Non-machining time for tooling and measuring reduced
  • Higher achievable part accuracy
GROB Service
Customer service

Phone:  +1 (419) 358-9015