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5-axis universal machining center
The G750 5-axis universal machining center offers customers in industrial manufacturing top notch results when it comes to milling large parts.
The G750 machining center is suitable for practically every material and boasts convincing flexibility in various sectors.
Mechanical engineering
Energy technology
Die and Mold Industries
Technical data
Working travels
in X-/Y'-/Z-axis (mm)
Max. speeds
in X-/Y'-/Z-axis (m/min)
Interference diameter
All technical data
Chip-to-chip time t1
according to VDI 2852 (s) relative to speed (rpm)
Positioning accuracy
in X-/Y'-/Z-axis (mm)
Table diameter
Table load
with/without pallet (kg)
Total weight
without/with pallet changer (kg)
Tool length for double disk-type tool magazine
HSK-A63 (front/back) (mm)
The benefits at a glance
checkboxHigh productivity
checkboxOptimized availability
checkboxHigh visibility
checkboxFlexible applications
checkboxCompact design
checkboxOptimized access
checkboxRound-the-clock service
Unique machine concept
Horizontal spindle position

The horizontal spindle position permits the longest possible Z-travel path and optimum chip fall.

Maximum stability

The unique arrangement of the three linear axes minimizes the distance between the guides and the machining point (TCP), lending the machine considerable stability.

Tunnel concept

The tunnel concept allows the largest possible component – even in the case of with extremely long tools – to be swiveled and machined within the work area without collision.


Large swivel range

Three linear and two rotary axes permit 5-sided machining, as well as 5-axis simultaneous interpolation, with a swivel range of 230 degrees in the A'-axis and 360 degrees in the B'-axis.


Select your desired specifications for a 5-axis machine from GROB directly in the form and we will send you your personal offer promptly!



5-axis configurator

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GROB state-of-the-art technology
G750 from GROB
Disk-type tool magazine

Fast tool change through an intelligent magazine to motorized spindle arrangement

Horizontal motorized spindle

For meeting the toughest cutting requirements

Tilting rotary table

Almost limitless machining potentials thanks to the largest possible swivel range

Chip disposal

Uninterrupted part machining with chip disposal by a scraper-type conveyor

Machine bed

Intrinsically stiff welded design for optimum machine rigidity

Disk-type tool magazine

Fast tool change through an intelligent magazine to motorized spindle arrangement

Horizontal motorized spindle

For meeting the toughest cutting requirements

Tilting rotary table

Almost limitless machining potentials thanks to the largest possible swivel range

Chip disposal

Uninterrupted part machining with chip disposal by a scraper-type conveyor

Machine bed

Intrinsically stiff welded design for optimum machine rigidity

G750 – Highly dynamic production
Watch our video to experience the manufacture of a structural component in the aerospace industry.
G750 from GROB – Highly dynamic production
Typical machining operations
Aluminium part
Dimensions of raw material (mm)650x110x32
Motorized spindle16,000 rpm
Power/torque32 kW/206 Nm
Francis turbine wheel
Dimensions of raw material (mm)]Ø 800x250
IndustryEnergy technology
MaterialChromium-nickel steel
Motorized spindle10,000 rpm
Power/torque66 kW/340 Nm
Mold insert
Dimensions of raw material (mm)296x296x110
IndustryDie and Mold Industries
MaterialTool steel
Motorized spindle30,000 rpm
Power/torque53 kW/63 Nm

Tilting rotary tables

Various tilting rotary table versions are available for the G750, depending on the requirement. The powerful rotary tables are based on the latest torque motor technology and offer optimized dynamics.

Tilting rotary tables A'-/B'-axis

Choose between tilting rotary tables with T-grooves arranged in parallel (standard), as well as tilting rotary tables with pallet clamping system (option). In addition to the standard versions with an A'- and B'-axis, the "A'-axis" (without B'-axis) and "B'-axis" (without A'-axis) options are offered for the G750.

Spindle versions

Besides the broad range of spindles, the motorized spindles designed and produced by GROB itself are the preferred choice for optimized process design. These are optimally matched to the G750 and have optimized quality features.

Motorized spindle versions
  • HSK-A63, 83 Nm, 12,000 rpm (standard)
  • HSK-A63, 206 Nm, 16,000 rpm
  • HSK-A63, 47 Nm, 18,000 rpm
  • HSK-A63, 47 Nm, 21,000 rpm
  • HSK-A63, 63 Nm, 30,000 rpm
  • HSK-A100, 265 Nm, 13,000 rpm
  • HSK-A100, 575 Nm, 9,000 rpm
  • HSK-A100, 340 Nm, 10,000 rpm
  • HSK-A100, 340 Nm, 6,000 rpm
  • HSK-A100, 344 Nm, 6,000 rpm
Motorized spindle with cross-feed

The GROB motorized spindle with cross-feed allows complex internal and external contours to be manufactured with controllable tools. This spindle offers convincing system rigidity, high cutting speeds for machining contours and low tool costs. There are no additional interference contours on the motorized spindle and no need for referencing.

GROB Spindle Diagnostics (GSD)

GROB spindle diagnostics is a system that automatically monitors the condition of the motorized spindle. Benefits are a prolonged motorized spindle useful life, reduced tool wear and scheduled maintenance.

GROB Chip-in-Spindle Detection System (SiS)

This system is able to detect at an early stage tool clamping faults caused by chips between the plain surface and the spindle nose from 10 μm. So the machining process is optimized and rejects and damage are avoided.

Tool magazine

GROB tool magazine technology is set apart by fast chip-to-chip times, a smaller space requirement and optimized accessibility. Choose the right solution for you.

  • Doube disk-type tool magazine
  • Three disk magazine
  • Additional tool magazine

Automation solutions

Draw on the experience we have garnered over several decades and benefit from the automation technology we tailor to meet your needs – from solutions with part storage systems to highly flexible manufacturing lines.

Pallet changer system
Pallet changer system
  • Pallets are interchanged by means of a rotating pallet changer
  • Optimally-matched pallet clamping system fixes pallets on the rotary table and setup station in the machine
  • An integrated seating check system and flushing of the zero point clamping system guarantee high process reliability during the pallet change operation.
Pallet changer system



  • Loading and unloading of the parts to the machine setup station during the machining operation
  • Double pallet changer system compactly integrated into the machine
  • Optimized access to the rotatable and lockable setup station
  • Fast exchange of pallets between work area and setup station
  • Integrated seating check system for the pallets
  • Wide-opening setup station doors with crane loading capability
Customer-specific automation solution
Customer-specific automation solution

Compact pallet storage system

  • The compact pallet storage system offers even greater flexibility in the configuration of pallet storage positions, permits a mixed operation of differently sized pallets and considers the length of the parts.


Flexible manufacturing system

  • In the full version, both the tool flow and the part flow can be automated.

Software options

Use the GROB software solutions to optimize and analyze the machine kinematics of the G750 and minimize deviations down to the finest detail. 

GROB swivel axis calibration (GSC)
GROB swivel axis calibration (GSC)

For highly precise machine calibration and control-specific kinematic cycles. The GSC achieves a much higher level of accuracy than standard calibration cycles without using swivel cycles.

GROB kinematic measurement inspection equipment set
GROB kinematic measurement inspection equipment set

In addition to the kinematic measuring cycles, all measuring instruments are supplied in an inspection equipment set.

Interpolation turning PLUS
Interpolation turning PLUS

The interpolation turning PLUS software solution enables any turning operations on the G750. Because both new and standard tools can be used, it remains economical at all times and is the ideal solution for prototype and small series production.

Energy efficiency package
Energy efficiency package

For efficient use of energy by reducing the power consumption of the G750 (with SIEMENS control system).

Gear hobbing
Gear hobbing

For individual corrections and block entry at any cut, gear hobbing is a suitable process for external gearing and gearing on shafts.

Gear skiving
Gear skiving

For perfect external and internal gearing with power skiving machines. Frontal part access required for hob peeling.


    Our extensive range of accessories makes the G750 more flexible, while increasing your own productivity and economy at the same time.

    High-pressure cutting fluid system
    High-pressure cutting fluid system
    • Standard version: 23 bar high-pressure cutting fluid pump, including On/Off functionality
    • Additional versions for higher pressure requirements: 5–40 bar/10–80 bar high-pressure cutting fluid pump
    • Option of an additional cooling unit for all high-pressure cutting fluid systems
    Decentralized work area mist collecting system
    Decentralized work area mist collecting system

    Emulsion mist separator with the option of a regenerative filtration stage with 2,000 m³/h of controllable suction power.

    Oil skimmer
    Oil skimmer

    The oil skimmer removes hydraulic and lubricating oil from the cutting fluid surface to keep the cutting fluid as clean as possible. The oil skimmer comprises a belt drive, a wiper and a collecting vessel with level switch.

    Tool cleaning device
    Tool cleaning device
    • Brushing and air cleaning of the conical and flat surfaces of the tool interface during the machining operation
    • Combined and patented GROB brushing/blow-off device
    Tool coding
    Tool coding
    • Allows data to flow between tool and machine control system
    • Shorter tooling times
    • Write-read unit for tools with tool coding
    • Errors when inputting the tool data avoided
    Laser measurement system for milling tools
    Laser measurement system for milling tools
    • Contactless, optical tool monitoring/measurement of rotating tools, such as milling cutters and drills
    • Measurement and monitoring of tool length, tool diameter, tool breakage, tool wear and tool cutting edge status
    Electromechanical tool breakage detection device
    Electromechanical tool breakage detection device
    • Tool breakage detection via a tactile tool breakage detection device
    • Monitoring during machining
    • Tool breakage detection possible from a length of 100 mm
    Hand-held controllers
    Hand-held controllers
    • Keys for selecting the axis directions, feed, rapid travel, emergency stop and for acknowledging axis movements
    • Choice between SIEMENS hand-held controller, HEIDENHAIN electronic handwheel, FANUC hand-held controller HMO Panel
    Machine status lamp
    Machine status lamp
    • A three-color status lamp is used to visually indicate the machine status
    • A distinction is drawn between automatic mode (green), warning (yellow) and malfunction (red)
    • Available either as a stacked light pole or integrated into the machine enclosure. 
    Touch probe
    Touch probe
    • Aligning and measuring parts or clamping fixtures, setting zero and reference points for downstream machining and for machine kinematics measurement
    • Touch probe including data transmission via infrared or radio
    • Non-machining time for tooling and measuring reduced
    • Higher achievable part accuracy
    GROB Service
    Customer service

    Phone:  +1 (419) 358-9015