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Excellent production all over the world


For 95 years now, GROB, as a family-owned company, has been a leader in designing and building highly-innovative production and automation systems. The continuous development of in-house expertise, the quest for perfection and the high level of vertical integration in our plants all over the world create products and technologies of outstanding quality. Our sustainable business centers around our employees and our customers safeguarding both our company's family background and our financial independence. This group concept that we live and experience allows us to respond to changes in the market with great speed and agility and to realize innovative solutions for the automotive industry and other industrial sectors as well.

What sets us apart
GROB corporate philosophy

A family-managed company, we plan for the long term and pass on our knowledge to future generations.

GROB corporate philosophy

To guarantee excellence in our production, we draw on decades of experience and are continuously expanding our skills and capabilities.


We take an altruistic, whole-hearted approach to a range of activities and give our very best, even to the most extraordinary challenges.

GROB corporate philosophy

To achieve our goals, we readily adapt to changed conditions and synchronize our principles of operation.

Our guidelines


  • In the constant search for excellence, we recognize the changing market requirements in advance and develop innovative solutions based on our wide-ranging expertise.


  • Through the use of digitalized and networked processes, we increase the efficiency and reliability of our production and automation systems and guarantee the highest quality and availability.


  • As a result of our continuous expansion of expertise in the fields of new technologies and electromobility, we always offer our customers the most modern and productive machines and machining solutions.


  • The efficient design and continuous improvement of our processes and products are a core part of our work culture and secure our competitive edge.


  • The performance of our machines and machining solutions allows our customers to optimize their processes and produce in an even more successful manner.


  • Our entire product portfolio is set apart by optimized quality and maximum reliability.


  • Thanks to our global presence, our highly-qualified service engineers quickly assist our customers with all key services.


  • Our comprehensive program for qualifying and training our employees safeguards the high standards of our products and services.


  • We respect and uphold internationally-recognized human rights and constantly act to protect them.


  • We reject child and forced labor in all respects.


  • We accept no form of discrimination based on age, gender, faith, origin, sexual identity or political conviction.


  • We consider one-to-one and continuous support of our employees as most important.


  • Ideas and suggestions from our employees are used to engineer our daily processes.


  • Responsible guidance and employee-oriented health management are the cornerstones for maintaining and promoting the welfare and productivity of our employees.


  • We offer our employees very competitive wages and comprehensive social benefits and encourage them to achieve a work-life balance.


  • The implementation of and consistent compliance with all relevant safety factors in our production locations and branches, as well as on our installation sites, help protect the life and health of our employees and third parties and minimize the risk of accidents.


  • We recognize and respect the applicable laws, directives, ordinances and internal regulations.


  • We act with integrity and entirely reject unfair measures for legal or illegal influencing of third parties.


  • We act at all times in line with our group-wide valid Compliance Directive (refer also to the Compliance Directive of the GROB Group).


  • All information and data of our customers, suppliers and partners is governed by a confidentiality agreement and is not disclosed to third parties.


  • The highest priority is given to the protection of employee data and company secrets.


  • We protect the environment and continuously improve our energy balance, handle resources and use environmentally-friendly materials and technologies in a responsible manner.


  • For the sustainable development of our value-added chain, we ensure that our waste is reduced to a minimum.




  • Our processes are subject to continuous optimization.
  • Economic decisions are always based on a cost-benefit analysis.




  • We consider keeping promises and observing agreements and arrangements a high priority.
  • Our statements are supported by verified and current figures, data and facts.




  • We encourage our employees to be autonomous and creative in their work.
  • The development and implementation of innovative ideas and technical advancement is an important part of our daily activities. At the same time, we always consider the interactions between human and the environment.




  • Mutual trust is paramount to our work.
  • We attach great importance to treating each other in a professional, fair and honest manner and to treating our customers, partners, employees and colleagues with respect, appreciation and helpfulness at all times.




  • Our cross-division cooperation is characterized by an open, respectful and solution-oriented approach.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination based on different opinions. We support the sharing of new ideas and the representation of individual standpoints.




  • Our lived and experienced values and common understanding of our corporate goals motivate us to continually achieve our best performance.
  • Decades of tradition and shared experiences promote the family cohesion within our company and ensure positive outlooks for the future.

We feel responsible for the GROB company and its values and do everything we can to maintain our competitiveness and autonomy for the future as well. Our guiding principles and codes of conduct serve as a basis for our daily work and are expected from our suppliers and partners too.

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