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Overhaul & Optimization

From flexible condition analysis to retrofit measures and upgrades

[Translate to en US:] Zustandsanalyse von GROB
Condition analysis

Would you like to know what's going on with your machine?

We put your GROB machine through its paces to find, together with you, the best solution for possible overhauls or modification measures. With the GROB condition analysis, you benefit from a significant risk minimization in the further use of used machines, a well-founded basis for decision-making for conversion measures, and modernizations as well as planning reliability for your future machine outputs. Discover our different packages and choose the GROB condition analysis that perfectly suits your needs!

[Translate to en US:] Retrofitmaßnahmen von GROB

From OLD to NEW

Whether a partial overhaul or a complete system overhaul: Sometimes there are good reasons for modernizing an existing system or machine instead of buying a new one. Based on a holistic analysis, GROB overhauls your machine according to your wishes, including a guarantee on the entire scope of services. Restore your machine to its target condition, minimize the risk of machine downtimes, and extend its useful life.

[Translate to en US:] GROB-Retrofit

Fit for the future

With a GROB retrofit, you go one step further: In addition to increasing reliability, our retrofit increases safety and maintainability. Benefit from more precise and more economical production, bring your machines up to date with the current requirements of the Machinery Directive and obtain planning reliability through the availability of spare parts.

This is how the GROB retrofit works
From OLD to NEW: Follow the step-by-step process of overhauling an GROB machine.
[Translate to en US:] PCU-Retrofit von GROB
PCU retrofit

Increase the IT security of your machine

Replace the power control unit (PCU) with an industrial PC (IPC) with Windows 10 and customize your current software for a new system. With our PCU retrofit you get maximum IT security, Industry 4.0 compatibility, and you can enable the use of remote machine diagnostics – with complete warranty of spare parts availability.

[Translate to en US:] Nebenzeitoptimierung von GROB
Non-machining time optimization

Save time and money

By increasing the performance of the NC axes and optimizing the motion sequences, we get even more out of your GROB machine. Since we, as the manufacturer, know your machine better than anyone else, we optimize without increasing wear or affecting the warranty. We make all processes 100 percent transparent and you only pay for what you need!

This is optimization done
Discover our portfolio for boosting efficiency of your GROB system.
[Translate to en US:] GROB High Performance Programming
[Translate to en US:] Maschinennachrüstungen von GROB

Make your machine state-of-the-art

Would you like to prevent machine downtimes and inaccuracies in your production? We offer you a variety of retrofitting options for your GROB universal machine. Benefit from better quality, economy, sustainability, and health. 

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