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Transparency and connectivity in your production process

Our modular GROB-NET4Industry web applications allow you to network and digitalize your production processes across all plants to make your manufacturing facility even more efficient.


From planning to engineering to maintenance, GROB-NET4Industry combines relevant modules for increasing productivity and offers you the all-round package for modern production in the Industry 4.0 era.

GROB-NET4Industry modules

GROB4Line – The machine in sight via smartphone

GROB4Line allows a GROB machine to be connected to the Internet. Consequently, it can be monitored and controlled via a smartphone. Combined with the notification function which sends messages (e.g. machine shutdown, alarm messages or job fi nished) to defined smartphones, the machine operator concerned can respond immediately and minimize unnecessary downtimes.

GROB4Line functionalities


  • Mobile, dynamic display of machine data
  • Information about status, alarm messages, tool and NC program at a glance
  • E-mail notification for machine shutdown
  • Definition of alarm messages for proactive e-mail notification
  • Mobile monitoring of unmanned and lightly-manned machine operation
  • Historical timeline diagram

Your package

Simple and intuitive remote access to your machines


  • Smartphone app for iOS (from Version 8) and Android (from Version 5)
  • Intuitive administration in the GROB4Portal
  • Rule configurator for customizations
  • View via smartphone or computer
The benefits to you
  • Improved manpower utilization
  • On-call service/shift support
  • Less downtime
  • All information received, no matter what the locations

GROB4Analyze – Feedback from the machine for CIP

GROB4Analyze determines the machine data with performance indicators and visually prepares these data to maximum effect. The module identifies non-productive phases, allowing the reasons behind weaknesses to be swiftly determined and rectified. GROB4Analyze, then, is a helpful tool for your Continuous Improvement Process (CIP).

GROB4Analyze functionalities


  • Visualization of 12 machine states
  • Dynamic display in various diagram formats
  • Drilldown function in the timeline diagram
  • NC, tool, override, alarm and potentiometer data*
  • Machine/shift comparison for evaluation
  • Report and evaluation export*

Your package

A simple and fl exible solution for machine data logging (MDL)


  • Simple access via the GROB4Portal
  • Direct connection to the machine control system
  • Data and report export module*
  • Long-term storage of data for evaluation (option)
The benefits to you
  • Data provisioning for an effective CIP
  • Determination of savings and optimization potentials
  • Optimal use of available capacities
  • Support for cause identification
  • Identification of unproductive phases
  • Creation of reports for production managers*

* Available in the advanced version

GROB4Simulate – Complex processes and parts simply simulated

GROB4Simulate produces an entirely virtual image of the machine, including tool, clamping system, part and NC program. This allows a previously collision-tested and verified NC program to be transferred to the machine.

GROB4Simulate functionalities


  • Simulation of the actual NC code
  • 3D machine simulation in real time
  • Collision monitoring
  • Component matching
  • Real-time visualization of coordinate systems and tool reference points
  • Checks outside the axis values
  • Interactive and automatic clearance of residual material

Your package

Powerful simulation system based on state-of-the-art technology


  • Machine and NC code simulation in real time
  • Precise emulation of all monitoring functionalities
  • Integrated 3D machine model
  • Single block and batch mode
The benefits to you
  • Remote server cloud simulation – upload simulation files in the GROB4Portal and GROB-NET4Industry will look after the rest
  • Analysis and comparison of the digital model with the machined component
  • Highlights areas with machining allowance and contour violations, as well as ± tolerance
  • Simulation of multi-channel mill-turn machining centers, as well as synchronized or continuous 5-axis programs

GROB4Coach – Programming, simulation, training

GROB4Coach comprises a programming, simulation and training software solution and not only simplifies the development of part programs on the control-identical software, it also creates the platform for simulating the machining operation. Its training software permits effective, PC-supported CNC training for novices and experts.

GROB4Coach functionalities


  • For moving the part program from the machine onto the PC, as well as 3D visualization of the part program in automatic mode
  • Programming environment with integrated Online Help function on the PC
  • Effective, PC-supported CNC training for novices and experts

Your package

Simple, user-oriented software based on the CNC kernel


  • Programming software
  • Simulation software
  • Training software
The benefits to you
  • Simulation of the machining operation
  • Convenient programming of NC-programs on software with identical control systems
  • Simple familiarization with machine-specific CNC programming languages and the machining parameters
  • Safe and practically oriented familiarization with machine operation on machines with identical control system
  • Shorter production ramp-up phases for new machines

GROB4Interface – Easy route to machine communication

GROB4Interface is the crucial link for networking the machine with other systems. It provides all information relevant to digitalizing processes and elevating production towards Industry 4.0. The obtained data can be applied for numerous purposes, allowing the user to control production and increase efficiency.

GROB4Interface functionalities


  • Simple transfer of machine data
  • Output of various data formats (XML, JSON, CSV, JSV) and logs (REST, MQTT, OPC-UA)
  • Transfer of axis data, overrides, spindle speed and machine state
  • Tool list in the magazine with service life and tool type
  • Machine meta data, alarms and error messages

Your package

Smart solution for information transfer


  • Data transfer straight from the machine control system
  • Connection to various systems (TDM, MES and many more)
  • Watchdog function
The benefits to you
  • Simple installation
  • No additional sensors required
  • Control-related and manufacturer-neutral
  • New insights into production
  • Efficiency increase through transparency
  • Permits a highly efficient production

GROB4Connect – Connection from the real world to the ERP system

GROB4Connect links your machine to the ERP, MES, PLM and TDM system. Via web technology, your production-related data can be transferred straight to the machine operator. The machine operator can enter job feedback, such as tool requirement, into the ERP system directly via the machine control system.

GROB4Connect functionalities


  • All process-relevant data of the ERP system available on the machine itself
  • Clearly arranged input screens on the machine control system for job management, reporting, personnel planning, CAM management and maintenance
  • Control-independent transmission of machine data to the ERP system

Your package

An ultra-modern MES system with simple use of ERP processes


  • Web interface in the machine control system
  • Integrative SAP interface
  • Web applications for Office PCs
  • Advice and realization for implementing paperless production
The benefits to you
  • Fast and flexible planning and control potentials
  • Digital and networked production processes – "paperless production"
  • Real-time feedback to the ERP system from production
  • Cost transparency over each component
  • More machining time on the machine through shorter pathways
  • Automated workflows for improved process quality while reducing costs

GROB4Pilot – Multi-functional, interactive machine operation

GROB4Pilot offers the machine operator a modern working environment on the machine through a multi-functional user interface. Paperless production through parallel access to ERP, PLM and MES systems. In addition, CAD/CAM visualizations, simulation viewer and tool management system are supported by the GROB-NET4Industry applications. The entire production process – from the CAD model through to the NC simulation – is digitally mapped on the GROB4Pilot panel.

GROB4Pilot functionalities


  • 24" multi-touch display
  • CAD/CAM applications
  • 3D component viewer
  • Custom user interfaces
  • Access to the GROB4Portal
  • HTML5-compliant web browser
  • Interactive control
  • Intuitive user guidance with illuminated keys

Your package

Multi-functional HMI panel


  • Use of applications parallel to machine operation
  • Optimized keyboard
  • 3D SpaceMouse®
  • Trackball
  • USB user authentication
The benefits to you
  • Time saving thanks to parallel functionality
  • Faster run-in times
  • Support for paperless production
  • Fast remote access for maintenance work with remote switch

GROB4Automation – Intuitive production control software for unmanned operation

GROB4Automation supplies your machining center with parts on pallets through a fully automated process. The intuitive and simple user interface is operated by keyboard or touch. The production control software controls and visualizes the flexible production cell, thereby facilitating automated, lightly manned production.

GROB4Automation functionalities


  • Overview of the state of the flexible production cell
  • Information about the machine state
  • Resource overview (tools, NC program)
  • Assignment of the NC program to the respective part
  • Autonomous part management
  • Tool requirement planning
  • Changing the part machining sequence/priority
  • Simple configuration of the pallet storage locations

Your package

One control software that handles and organizes the following areas


  • Pallets and parts
  • Offset data
  • Pallet change
  • Essential process steps
The benefits to you
  • Storage and retrieval of pallets via "drag & drop"
  • Quick grasp of the machine state
  • Clear presentation of the machine and its parts/tools
  • Loading/unloading of pallets during machining

GROB4Track – Machine axes in view at all times

GROB4Track monitors the state of the machine. Thanks to an automated analysis function, the machine state is known at all times and unscheduled downtimes can be avoided. This allows you to precisely plan preventive maintenance work and initiate spare part orders at the right time.

GROB4Track functionalities


  • Standardized axis recording
  • Envelope curve analysis
  • Condition monitoring of the ball screw
  • Comparison with reference axis recordings

Your package

Precise planning of preventive maintenance work


  • Automatically-triggered axis recording without any additional sensors
  • Data transmission to the Cloud
  • Data evaluation
  • Status report on the ball screw (as pdf)
The benefits to you
  • Unscheduled machine shutdowns avoided
  • No additional sensor technology required
  • Software-based analysis without additional machine hardware
  • Change of state automatically notified via e-mail
  • Quality-relevant wear detected at an early stage

GROB4Care – Service and maintenance portal

GROB4Care gives you access to the spare parts of your GROB machines. The machines installed in your facility, along with their relevant assemblies and single parts, are included. This allows you to identify the spare parts you need in the form of a parts list structure quickly and reliably and order them around the clock. This is assisted by information on material availability, price and shipping options.

GROB4Care functionalities


  • Simple and quick placement of spare part orders online
  • All spare parts can be accessed with just a couple of clicks
  • Swift search for spare parts thanks to extensive search tools
  • Usage on desktop, tablet and smartphone
  • Transfer of the shopping cart into your order system via OCI interface

Your package


  • Virtual display of your machine park
  • Integration of the total of your machines in the structure of parts lists
  • Digital support with overhauling and maintenance works
  • Display of your individual prices and availabilities
The benefits to you
  • Current warehouse stocks and prices at a glance
  • Integration into your SAP/ERP System via OCI
  • Digital picture and drawing data
  • Integrated release processes
  • Integration of the electrical parts catalogue

Would you like to have access?

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Service hotline GROB4Care

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GROB4Portal – The secure Cloud for the industry

GROB4Portal permits access to all GROB-NET4Industry products and solutions via one central interface. There is only one login for managing user data, applications and machine data. The intuitive user guidance function is extremely convenient and saves you time and resources.

GROB4Portal functionalities


  • User administration
  • Machine management
  • Creating templates for notification
  • Access to all GROB-NET4Industry solutions

Your package

All applications in one portal


  • GROB4Portal is provided for the respective GROB-NET4Industry solutions
  • Simple central administration of all key data
  • Role concept for various employees
  • Intuitive operation and clear display
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Supports the connection of third-party machines
The benefits to you
  • Fast access and simple administration
  • Central login for all GROB-NET4Industry solutions
  • Secure access to the cloud with state-of-the-art technology
  • Regional computer centers (Germany, USA and China)
  • Browser can be used without any additional software installation
  • Partner cloud for internal use and integration of individual solutions

GROB4Optimization-MSP – Process evaluation for your motorized spindle

Extend the service life of your motorized spindle and tools and reduce costs.
GROB4Optimization-MSP helps you develop your full potential and supports the optimization of your process.

GROB4Optimization-MSP functionalities


  • Recording of vibration and temperature values by sensors using GROB spindle diagnostics (GSD)
  • Combined data recording when tolerances are exceeded at the time the fault occurs (including NC program step, tool, rotational speed, vibrational acceleration and feed)
  • Display of results including evaluation options (directly on the HMI or web-based)
  • Provision of proposals for optimization you can implement yourself

Your package
Improve your machining operation with little effort


  • Quick setup in less than one hour
  • Installation of the industrial PC and setup of the HMI display or web browser (incl. a virtual machine in the customer network)
The benefits to you
  • Cost savings thanks to the extended service life of the tool and motorized spindle
  • Individual optimization of the process parameters
  • Detection and possible elimination of surface quality issues (Identification of problematic tools or processes due to vibrations)
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