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Together with different partners we will present the latest programming and machining strategies for complex components and difficult-to-machine materials. Join us each month to discover new ideas to grow your business and your machining capabilities in these special web events hosted by GROB Systems. These special web events will last approximately one hour with time for live Q&As at the end.


We look forward to connecting with you!

Previous GROB-webinars
Mold & Die Workshop – Based On a Live Event

Thursday, July 20 at 10:00AM EST

This workshop presents a collaboration of GROB Systems, EMUGE-FRANKEN, and OPEN MIND Technologies for the demonstration of a mold part being machined from a solid block of steel. Based off a live event, the mold part was machined on a GROB access-series machine, the G550a, at the EMUGE-FRANKEN Technology Center in West, Boylston, MA. In this webinar, the strategies utilized by the partners will be explained, revealing tips to increase the quality, accuracy, and efficiency throughout the machining process.

Optimizing the Machining Process for Increased Productivity

Friday, February 25 at 2:00PM EST

Join us as we partner with Siemens and Kennametal in showing how to improve the efficiency of your machining process by combining the right software, tooling, and machine. The Siemens Adaptive Control & Monitoring (ACM) software monitors the current cutting conditions in real-time and automatically adjusts the feed rate to the optimal level. Kennametal will showcase their HARVI I-TE and KOR6 Solid Carbide End Mill product line for high performance roughing and finishing with the same tool. Together, we will apply this software and tooling while machining a structural bracket from 4140 steel on our 5-axis G550 universal machining center. With this software, tooling, and machine combination, we will reduce cycle time, increase tool life, and protect the machine components while ensuring a stable process and part accuracy.

Holiday Ornament Machining

Thursday, December 9 at 2:00PM EST


We are excited to present another holiday machining demonstration! In partnership with OPEN MIND Technologies, GROB will machine a Christmas tree ornament out of aluminum on our G150 horizontal spindle machine. Starting from solid round stock we will machine and tab off the entire part to complete the process in one single set up. Expect to see an abundance of 5-axis simultaneous machining from high material removal to finishing. By combining OPEN MIND’s advanced blending techniques and collision avoidance controls, matched with the GROB machine’s unique concept we will achieve fine surface quality in hard to reach areas.

Mixed Flow Shrouded Impeller Machining

Thursday, May 20 at 2:00PM EDT


GROB Systems, along with Concepts NREC and Sandvik Coromant will combine their respective technology and machine a Titanium shrouded impeller. Starting from a turned blank, we will utilize both complex toolpaths from Concepts NREC and advanced cutting tools from Sandvik Coromant on the newest GROB 5-Axis machine, the G150. The large A-Axis swivel range of the G150 allows for greater approach angles for hard to reach surfaces. This allows better toolpaths, optimized cutter tangencies to adjacent surfaces and better surface engagement of the cutting tool.

Deep Cavity and Gun Drill Machining

Thursday, April 15 at 2:00 PM EDT


This workshop presented a collaboration of GROB Systems, OPEN MIND Technologies and EMUGE-FRANKEN for the demonstration of deep cavity and gun drilling applications. During this event, GROB’s 400mm pallet, horizontal 5-axis machining center, the G350, will demonstrate how difficult deep cavity and gun drilling applications can be made easily with GROB’s unique machine kinematics. OPEN MIND will highlight the application of conical barrel (Circle Segment) cutters for effective surface finishing, in-process probing, and our innovative deep hole drilling processes. EMUGE-FRANKEN will showcase Circle Segment cutters and FPC milling holders for high performance machining.

Machining a Knee Prosthesis

Thursday, February 25, 2021


In this workshop, GROB Systems, in partnership with Walter Tools and OPEN MIND, will demonstrate the machining of a knee prosthesis from a titanium blank. During this demo, GROB’s newest universal 5-axis machining center, the G150, will mill a knee joint using Walter’s tooling and OPEN MIND's hyperMILL® CAM software. Watch and see how GROB’s unique machine design, in combination with Walter’s tools and OPEN MIND's software, allow for precise machining with fine surface finishes, even for the most difficult to reach areas.

5-Axis Holiday Machining

Thursday, December 10, 2020

We’re gearing up for the holidays with this special machining demonstration. In collaboration with OPEN MIND Technologies, GROB will machine Santa’s sleigh out of aluminum on our G350 horizontal machining center. Watch as our two technologies come together to create an intricate and complex part in one setup. Expect to see 5-axis machining utilizing advanced techniques such as using barrel cutters for high quality finished surfaces.  Other features of the sleigh will be machined with hyperMILL®’s high precision mode (to surface, not to mesh) and smooth overlap blending techniques.  Some details will utilize endmills that reach up to 5 times their diameter.

Milling Inconel with Ceramic Cutters

Thursday, October 29, 2020

This workshop presented a collaboration of GROB Systems and Kennametal for the demonstration of inconel milling.  In this demo, a GROB access-series machine, G350a, will mill multiple inconel connecting flanges for the aerospace industry on a pyramid fixture using ceramic cutters and large insert drill. The pyramid fixture and GROB's unique machine design allows 5-axis simultaneous machining on multiple pieces.

Exclusive GROB Tour: Built in the USA

Thursday, September 24, 2020

We build our impressive machining centers right here in the United States. Our cutting-edge facility, located in Bluffton, OH, is 400,000 square feet of vertically integrated manufacturing kept moving by more than 550 employees. Join us for this GROB-webinar to go on an exclusive virtual tour to see our remarkable facility for yourself.

Machining Difficult IBR/Blisk Geometries with Ease

Thursday, August 27, 2020
This workshop presented a collaboration of GROB Systems, OPEN MIND Technologies and YG-1 Tool Company for the demonstration of advanced IBR / blisk machining. 

  • Aero-engine rotating components provide challenges due to cutting titanium or other high-temperature alloys and have complex geometries with high quality requirements.
  • Innovative machining processes include 3-axis simultaneous turning to prepare the blank, high performance roughing to efficiently remove material between blades, and blade finishing techniques with conical barrel cutters that achieve a high surface finish with large step-over.
  • The co-hosts will discuss their technical contributions and present the machining of a 450 mm diameter IBR / blisk.
  • YG-1 will provide tooling for hard-to-machine metals.
  • OPEN MIND (hyperMILL® CAM software) tool paths and an integrated postprocessor for both turning and milling will be utilized. 
  • And GROB’s G350T 5-axis mill-turn machine solution will implement the tooling and software to give exacting control for the challenging aerospace geometries.


Machining an Airfoil in One Setup

Thursday, July 30, 2020

We presented a special webinar event where a GROB G350 universal machining center machines an airfoil in one setup from titanium bar stock. During the webinar, watch Seco Tools’ barrel cutters reduce cycle time while increasing surface finish and accuracy. Using Open Mind hyperMILL CAM software, we can maximize chip removal on a curved surface by allowing exact control of the optimal cutting surface of the barrel cutter. The results bring shorter cycle times, no ball end mill usage and tighter tolerance.

Power Skiving with Cutting-Edge Technology

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

SECO Tools


Join us for a special webinar event where GROB machines are paired with SECO tools to make Power Skiving with Cutting-Edge Technology effortless.


Cutting Machining Steps from Six to Two – An Industry Success Story

Thursday, May 28, 2020
Honeycutt Manufacturing & Siemens


Join us for a special webinar event where Nick Honeycutt, owner of Honeycutt Manufacturing, LLC., will give you an inside look into how he was able to significantly increase his business by adding 5-axis machines to his floor.


Virtual 5-Axis Workshop

Thursday, April 30, 2020 
Heidenhain, Fraisa, OPEN MIND, & GROB


Learn how to take advantage of the latest development in CNC controls, CAM technology and cutting tool selection helping you to master the process chain the most efficient way. This workshop will demonstrate how to save up to 90% on your finishing cuts — while maintaining the desired surface quality. We will explain in engaging presentations and live machine demonstrations how you can improve your manufacturing process by optimizing your process change from CAD-model to finish part down to lot size one. Innovations in CAM-strategies from hyperMILL® MAXX Machining and the innovative barrel cutters from Fraisa will be demonstrated on a GROB G352 5-axis machining center with the latest CNC and motion control from HEIDENHAIN.

About us

GROB's one-of-a-kind design of HMC + swivel-rotary table is ideal for companies pursuing jobs in aerospace, die/mold, medical, and automotive sectors. The unique retractable spindle virtually eliminates the change for collisions during tool change, while maximizing the usable work area. This means GROB owners can usually buy one size smaller to reduce their investment, or have room to grow with new and larger part families. With these capabilities and GROB's accuracy and reliability, you can shorten production times, take on new jobs, and increase revenue.

Elevate your machining capabilities with these features:


  • Better access to more part features, including negative angles
  • Easy and complete chip removal when table is inverted
  • Your choice of several popular CNC control platforms
  • Many options included as standard
  • USA manufacturing, service & support (Bluffton, OH)
G350 – GROB precision
See for yourself the benefits of the G350 and experience our 5-axis machining center in action.
What our customers say

"We had never seen a machine configured like this, and we were excited to see how the swiveling and rotating capabilities were combined in the table."

“We like the unique configuration of the spindle versus the worktable as the spindle comes in horizontally ... You can machine unique cutting geometries and hard to reach areas. The configuration is also good for chip control.”

"You’re dealing with factory direct parts [GROB manufactures machine tools at its Bluffton, OH, plant] and technicians that are very knowledgeable and that was a big appeal for us.”

“If we have a problem that we’re trouble shooting, I can call GROB. They can log right into our machine, which is something that we’ve never had on any machine before, and they’ll trouble shoot for us. It really is a partnership with GROB.”