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GROB-Webinar with OPEN MIND Technologies and YG-1 Tool

This workshop presents a collaboration of GROB Systems, OPEN MIND Technologies and YG-1 Tool Company for the demonstration of advanced IBR / blisk machining. 

  • Aero-engine rotating components provide challenges due to cutting titanium or other high-temperature alloys and have complex geometries with high quality requirements.
  • Innovative machining processes include 3-axis simultaneous turning to prepare the blank, high performance roughing to efficiently remove material between blades, and blade finishing techniques with conical barrel cutters that achieve a high surface finish with large step-over.
  • The co-hosts will discuss their technical contributions and present the machining of a 450 mm diameter IBR / blisk.
  • YG-1 will provide tooling for hard-to-machine metals.
  • OPEN MIND (hyperMILL® CAM software) tool paths and an integrated postprocessor for both turning and milling will be utilized. 
  • And GROB’s G350T 5-axis mill-turn machine solution will implement the tooling and software to give exacting control for the challenging aerospace geometries.

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Machining Difficult IBR/Blisk Geometries with Ease

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