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GROB-WERKE starts the new training year with a record number of apprentices. 111 young people will start their training in the four GROB plants in Mindelheim/Germany, Bluffton/USA, São Paulo/Brazil and Dalian/PRC.

Vocational training has a long tradition at GROB. Thus every time a new plant was founded, the search for qualified young talent was at the top of the to-do list. This was true in 1968 at the headquarters in Mindelheim, as well as in 1956 at the Brazilian plant GROB do Brasil, in 1983 at the American GROB Systems plant as well as in 2012 at the GROB Machine Tools plant in China. The training of qualified junior staff was, and continues to be, an essential component of the development of GROB plants worldwide.

This year, as well, many young people have decided to take advantage of the extensive GROB-WERKE training opportunities. With 74 apprentices alone at the largest GROB plant Mindelheim, the lion’s share of training takes place in Germany. But not only the number of trainees is of interest here; the unprecedented wide range of training opportunities is likewise remarkable.


Thus in Mindelheim, GROB offers training in the areas of industrial mechanics, electronics, mechatronics, product design, industrial business management assistant, milling machine operation, warehouse logistics, IT and ten additional training positions for dual studies. Particularly interesting is the fact that a training position in each of the areas of industrial mechanics and automation technology electronics was made available for refugees.

In the American GROB plant in Bluffton/USA, nine milling machine operators and six electronics technicians started their training. Due to the American training system, most of them are more than 20 years old when they start their vocational training at GROB Bluffton. In order to meet the need for cutting machine technicians in Brazil, ten young people are being trained in this area at the GROB plant there. There are plans to start a mechatronics apprenticeship in the coming year as well. The selection process is still underway at the Chinese GROB Dalian plant. In total, twelve positions are available for apprentices. 

In order to meet the increasing demand for junior staff, GROB has especially invested in training area in recent years. This past summer the new high-tech H12 training center with a total floor space of more than 5,000 m² was opened for this purpose. “Our training center is the latest demonstration that we have recognized the signs of the times by responding to demographic developments through increased investment in qualified skilled young workers”, stated Chief Representative Christian Grob, explaining the motivation for the extensive capital expenditure. Likewise, numerous new training opportunities were created in the GROB plants in Brazil and the USA.