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The new GROB homepage has been online since the beginning of September. We have spoken to the GROB Marketing Manager, Ms. Marion Immerz, about the reasons for the revamp and the importance of electronic media for GROB.

Ms. Immerz, as GROB went online with a completely new homepage in 2012, it was one of the trendiest websites in the "Tool and mechanical engineering" sector. What are your aspirations now for the new website?

Marion Immerz: Of course, we have set ourselves ambitious goals with the relaunch. We very much wanted the homepage to have a modern and graphically complex design again. Most importantly, we want to increase the visitor numbers to our website through a more attractive presentation of the topics and simple user guidance.

Also, our products and the current topics at GROB should become even more prominent, so that those visiting the website can find the information they want in various ways.


What were the goals for the website relaunch?

As well as modernizing the design by enhancing the graphic and image elements, the focus was very much on making technical improvements. This included the responsive adapting of all content and the perfect display on all browsers and devices. We also wanted to offer our visitors various ways to inform themselfes about the GROB product range. The loading time, security and accessibility of the homepage were also optimized. We hope that all these measures will improve usability and dwell time, increase visitor numbers and create a more powerful presentation compared to the competitors. From a company perspective, it was also about improving the way the future corporate identity is depicted.


What's new about the 2018 GROB website?

The modern design and a generous text/image language stand out immediately, of course. Alongside these design elements, it was especially important for us to highlight the new developments and changes within our company and to its products. When we went online in 2012 for example, topics such as Industry 4.0, digitalization or electromobility were rather like peripheral issues in our company. This already changed dramatically at GROB a few years ago. Today, these topics stand alongside the traditional system and universal machining center business as key topics and were finally given the recognition they deserve when the homepage was relaunched.


Which is the main target group you want to reach with the GROB homepage?

Our target group is widely spread. Of course, we are focusing on our customers, both repeat as well as new customers from the various sectors. Through our homepage, we would also like to reach applicants, banks and also our own employees and report on the latest developments in our company.


You also mentioned applicants. What is the online application procedure like at GROB?

Our "Career" section takes you directly to our current job vacancies, sorted by the GROB sites worldwide. Depending on the site, the potential candidates are shown vacancies sub-divided into company areas. The job is directly linked to the applicant portal, allowing the potential applicants to upload their application directly to our Human Resources department, which guarantees quick processing of the application documents.


What are the other highlights of the new GROB homepage?

Other highlights of the new GROB homepage are our landing pages on each product with their detailed, technical information, application examples, animations and films. The overview of all services, from 24/7 support, material supply, machine inspections through to customer training is also interesting. In the "News" section, we report on the latest developments at GROB. There is now also an intuitive site search with detailed contact information and directions.


Which social media does GROB use and how important are they for the company?

GROB concentrates on the most important social media for the industry such as YouTube, WeChat and the IndustryArena platform. Interested parties can find the latest machining videos, machine information and news articles on the company. The platforms also offer the chance to link information to our website to achieve a broader reach.


Which other electronic media does GROB use?

In fall last year, the new GROB4Care webshop went online at the EMO. This webshop provides GROB customers with parts lists and drawings, as well as customer-specific information such as the current availability of spare parts at the GROB sites. This webshop is also linked to our new GROB website so that the customer can reach all media centrally via our homepage.